New Love in New York

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Sam is at a crossroads of her life. The pain of the decisions she has made are still raw but surely this leap of faith and sheer hope will set her on the right path. She travels far to find the answer and finds herself sitting in Grand Central Station, New York waiting to see if it was all worth it.

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



She sat on the benches near the stairs and checked the time, 5 more minutes and she would see if all this effort was worth it. She wondered did he really comprehend how much she had put at stake to be here today and make such a journey. Her stomach was twisting and turning, and every hair on her body stood on end. She thought she was going to be sick her hands shook as she reached into her bag for her mirror; she rechecked her make up making sure it was still in place she was a bag of nerves and tried to settle her by flicking through the magazine she had brought with her. Words and pictures blurred and she simply gazed at the images in front of her flicking from page to page. "Don't check your watch" she said to herself "don't give in to the pressure be cool",but that was never going to be and before she knew it she'd checked her watch it was 13:00 and nothing. Her heart began to sink and she felt like melting away, self pity began to engulf her and it felt as if her entire body was deflating like a burst balloon. Breathing in deeply as if to bring her body back to shape she stood up, her head throbbed and her body suddenly felt so heavy, too heavy to move. She hadn’t looked up she didn’t want to because she didn’t want everyone to see the deep disappointment in her eyes. "You stupid bitch!" she mumbled to herself and anger and self loathing was beginning to well up within her, she knew it was always going to be a risk and maybe just maybe it was true and worth all this, how stupid and naive, this doesn’t happen to women like her "get real!" she thought to herself.

The noise of the station interrupted her thoughts as she remembered where she was she began to walk towards the exit, "right let's go" she told herself trying to maintain normality as if coming here meant nothing at all. Who was she kidding! she stood she reached into her handbag and checked her phone 13:03 and no messages "right time to go!" she told herself again but her legs seemed glued to the spot the nervous excitement had gone away replaced with regret and a sense of grief and it felt as if her whole body just wanted to drop dead on this spot. She forced herself back to her senses and as she finally made her first step forwards something stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Hey what's up?" his voice was deep and accent thick, she knew this voice and her body recognised it too as it jerked as she stood mid stride. She was still looking at her feet and she closed her eyes for a split second "no way, it can't be?" she thought to herself it must be her imagination playing tricks on her and swallowed deeply. "Sam?" came the voice again deep and slow. This was cruel why would her mind do this after everything she'd gone through already. She dared herself to look up and slowly she raised her head and her focus moved from the floor and up to the body stood a few meters away from her. It felted as if her eyes took forever to reach their target but as they moved up they took in all the detail. Surely not surely this isn’t real and he's not really here but as her eyes locked onto his deep green eyes she felt her legs begin to wobble, she steadied herself quickly never leaving his stare. His eyes seemed to hypnotise her in a second he looked at her with an earnest expression and she knew then and there she was his.

He smiled gently and stepped towards her as if knew she was under his spell, his arm slid through her jacket and round her waist he gently pulled her towards him. Obediently she moved closer towards him still stunned and in disbelief that this was reality. Instantly she could smell his cologne and it intoxicated her she closed her eyes and breathed it in, if this was a figment of her imagination she wanted to capture every detail. She felt his warm hand cupher face and she opened her eyes. There were those eyes again deep green, sparkling and looking deeply back at her. For a moment they just looked deep into each others eyes without saying a word he leaned in and kissed her gently at first as if he knew she was in shock then and as she responded he kissed her deeply gently squeezing her buttock and pulling her closer to him. Her body shuddered and she gently moaned as felt herself melt into him. As her body pressed against him she could feel his how solid and warm his body was,just as she had imagined itwould be.He was slightly taller than her which was something she was not used to and she realised she was slightly on her toes, she felt giddy with emotion and if he moved now she would certainly tumble. Her arms had remained be her sides at first as if they were paralysed but as they kissed life had retuned to them and she brought them up and around his neck, she felt the back of his neck, the softness of his hair and the thickness of his neck. Touching so intently trying to absorb every detail of this moment.

Reluctantly she broke away from his kiss but she needed to breath when she did she just to looked at the face in front of her, she touched his cheek and ran her fingers down his jaw line still trying to validate this moment as real and taking every detail of his strong jaw line and those intense eyes. He smiled kindly and reached up and took her hand and held tightly pressing their hands to his chest, she could feel is heart pumping hard and she took comfort in the fact it wasn't just her who was feeling this.

"Hi" he said in a deep whisper "hi" she just about managed to get out. She blushed well aware that she still looked stunned looking down to the floor again, he gently lifted her head up to look up at him and with a cheeky grin he asked "didn't think I would come?" she knew he could read her like a book he always had even from the start he always knew what to say and when to say it even when at first she tried to play it cool, play the older woman but he broke her defences way too quickly and in doing so ignited a fire and passion in her that she thought she had lost. "ummm..Well I..." she struggled to get the words out and simply smiled back at him. He again pulled her tight against his body his muscular arms around her his hands on both of her buttocks and as he kissed her again he tightly squeezed them, this made her tingle inside and her hunger for him waved over her. All at once that doubt and anger had vanished and she felt as if there were only the two of them in the world and she wished this moment would never end especially as she knew that this would all be gone in a couple of days and she would back to the real world her world, but for now she would be part of his and she couldn't be any happier.

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