Diagon Alley

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Just a school assignment, but I like the result. We had to write about out experience in "Diagon Alley" from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.

Submitted: September 25, 2010

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Submitted: September 25, 2010



Scrambling through the entrance, I blinked a few times, the sun shining brightly on my face. There was so much hustling and bustling around me I began to feel dizzy. Finally I was able to make sense of it all. I was standing on the cobbled street of Diagon Alley according to a sign, feeling overwhelmed. The crowded street was full of old, strangely dressed wizards and witches pushing their way through the crowd to get to their shop. Although there was enough happening around me to occupy my attention for hours, I found my focus drifting towards one shop in particular.

There were young children scrambling towards the dark shop with an antiquated sign explaining it to be a sweet shop. Children coming out of it were carrying huge paper bags with the strangest candy I had ever seen tumbling out of it. Attracted by the sweet aroma drifting from the shop, I found myself carefully making my way through the chaos of the narrow street itself towards the shop entrance. At last I had reached it. I hesitated, not certain of what I would find inside, but when I noticed the soft, flickering candlelight, I took a deep breath and stepped inside.

Once inside I was overwhelmed with the color in the shop coming from all sorts of sweets. There were ancient barrels full of cauldron cakes and chocolate frogs. In the corner of the room I spotted a huge cauldron full of every-flavor jellybeans. There was a woman at the counter wearing a flamboyant pink dress with her back turned towards the door.

Although the entire shop was full of excited children, as soon as I walked into the shop together with a young girl and he parents, she turned around and gazed at me. Startled, I lowered my eyes, feeling my body stiffen. She had piercing green eyes, focusing on me alone. Although it was a merry shop, I felt cold inside and approached one of the barrels with candy, feeling the heavy wooden floorboards creak under my weight.

Although I pretended to be occupied with the barrel’s contents, I looked at the woman out of the corners of my eyes. Her attention had shifted to an eight-year-old boy who wanted to buy sweets. Her unfriendly face had turned into a jolly one, and I wondered if I had imagined it. This couldn’t possibly be the same woman.

As I drifted through the shop, looking at candy, she seemed to pay me no further attention. I was just looking at some lollypops that could change your hair in the color of the lollypop itself, when I noticed a small golden box standing on a shelf amongst plain ones containing little round sweets.

The box itself was ancient, crusted with jewels that flickered in the light and with a tarnished golden shell. It was the most breathtaking thing I had ever seen, and everything else around me seemed dull in comparison. On the front of the box was a small keyhole, but with no key insight. It was locked.

Suddenly I realized that this innocent little box might not be so innocent at all. It was too perfect. And what could possibly be inside? I knew I had to know, had to have it, had to at least… touch it. I felt my hand inching closer every second, until my fingertips were hovering above its delicately ornate lid attached to the box with silver hinges. My mind went blank, forgetting all about the fact that the shop was crowded with bustling children, I forgot all about the mysterious woman, helping the children sweetly. It seemed as if my entire existence was focused around this box.

I touched it.

Ever so lightly, ever so gentle. But I touched it nonetheless. It was smooth, and cold. When my fingers reached the top, I got the feeling lightning was shot through me. The feeling was gone as quickly as it came, but it left my body tingling. Suddenly my admiration of the box grew into fear. I stepped away from it, and glanced at the shopkeeper.

She was staring at me again, with that cold look that chilled me to the bone. I scampered out the shop as quickly as I could, into the bright light of the alley. I made my way through the dilapidated brick archway, not looking back once, my whole body focused on getting away from the box and it’s owner.

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