Creep Beyond Life

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Submitted: July 11, 2016

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Submitted: July 11, 2016



Creep. Beyond Life


Chapter 1



Hey want to skip class my friend said it will be fun. I skipped classes a couple a time but today I just did not feel like it. nah I'm good I said back to my friend. I’ll catch up with you later. ‘’wow your so lame’’ I knew that my friend will always call me that if i don't go with him and do crazy stuff. but I did not care I just went to class and he left and begin to just walk around talking to girls. while I was in class i had to use the restroom really bad so. I asked the teacher if i can go she said yeah just because i was her favorite student. while i was walking to the restroom the creep was following me and whispering. Hell Is Heaven. Hell Is Heaven. It was just following me like it always do but this time it left and it was gone i was glad because finally i can use the restroom. I got to the restroom and saw my friend he was just standing by the wall with he's head down and I heard him saying. Heaven Is Hell. Heaven Is Hell. ‘’ hey tom you alright’’  I  try to get he's attention but he just stayed looking at the wall and saying Heaven Is Hell. Heaven Is Hell. over and over I went up to him and turn him around but when I  wish I never did. he's eyes was gone and all I saw was black and blood running down from it also he's tongue was cut off and he's ear was gone. he looked at me and open he's mouth I heard a loud screaming sound coming from he mouth. I heard the creep laughing from behind tom he just kept laughing. and he begin to whisper Hell Is Heaven Hell Is Heaven  he grabbed tom and i begin to bring him to Hell Are Heaven. but before he did tom said something that I never forgot. ‘’Life Is All About How You Make It Not How Someone Else Make It’’ Then he left and never was seen again I never forgot that day. I walked home and heard the creep behind me. but like I said I think I made a friendship with the creep. but I was done with the stuff he did. I turn around and saw the creep behind me looking me with a smile like the Devil And God. why do you do this stuff to people who are you. I said the creep just looked I me and was vanished like the air I didn't feel like even going home so I just went over to the mall and just chilled out of there thinking about what was the creep all about and why was it always around me and never did anything to me. but it always did something to the people I love That day I was a different person and I wanted to get that creep and I. I need to know who it  was and why it was Here later that day I went back home and went to my room and saw the creep in there just sitting on my bed it looked at me and open it mouth I heard my mom and dad come Upstairs and was yelling. they came to my room with some papers and told me that they was having a divorce and I had to pick who I wanted to live with I did not know who should i pick to live with. they looked at me and The Creep was looking at me laughing at me. I looked at the Creep and Ran to him I grab on hold to him and hold on him tight with everything I got I saw all black and dead bodies walking in circle the creep  eyes turn bright red and begin to grab me and push me down on the ground with the dead bodies. there i was on the ground and the creep was walking  to me people begin to yell for there life and for other people there was demon all over the places and i saw tom ms ekona and everyone else was there they was yelling i sold my soul i sold my sold. i try to get up but my body did not move. the creep become closer and closer i try to get up but my body was weak. the creep came up to me and got on he's knee and looked at me when i saw the creep.  I saw me I was the creep all along my life was the creep. I Killed are the people that i saw. Me The I Creep Closed my eyes and open it. When I did i was at a Dark Room WIth a stright jacket on i was in a crazy house i heard people yelling the creep is here!! He's here. i heard a sound and a laugh. a person was walking towards my cell. and I knew who it was. It was I, Me, The Creep.

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