Killer at the Crime Scene

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Octavian is a very handsom young detective with a bright future, money, and everything he could ever want but what does he do in his freetime? He kills

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



Chapter 1.


It was cold, foggy day in London, which unfortunately was the case whenever Octavian chose to walk the streets. While walking in the small village Octavian swiped a paper from a nearby stand. On the front page in thick black letters he read  1892 KILLER ON THE LOOSE, TURN IN ANYONE WHO SEEMS SUSPICIOUS. Octavian began laughing but was interupted " Octavian, don't get too excited lad, we'll be catching that criminal soon." It was the lead inspector Harry Collins, who had recently appointed Octavian as assistant inspector, one who takes the more simple clues. " Of course sir,I was just thinking of all the fun we're going to have catching this guy." "Yes well, see you Monday." Collins walked away without waiting for a response. Octavian simply put the paper on a nearby stand for he was no longer in need of it. He then walked down a long ally to reach a small door in which he opened and quickly went inside for he did not want to be seen. When he finally shut the door behind him he slowly turned around only to be interupted yet again "Why must you walk the streets so often Octavian?" "Because Uncle, I must see what everybody is saying about me." It was true Octavian knew it was'nt safe for a murderer to walk the streets, but he was a pro. " Don't you think the inspector will suspect something?" Uncle William had lived with Octavian for many years and when he found out Octavian's secret he did'nt seem to be able to go away. " I don't think the inspector would appoint someone he suspected for murder Uncle." There was a long pause. " Who's your next victim?" "I'm afraid I can't tell you uncle" Uncle William had asked this same question for the last two years, but unfortunately the last time Octavian had told his uncle there had been some problems with the "secret" part. " Ah well, best be going then, send a letter if you are in need of my assistance." "Thank you Uncle , but do remember I'm on my own now." "Of course dear boy." He shut the door behind him and Octavian was left alone to start planning his next murder

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