Killer at the Crime Scene Chap.2

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the 2nd chapter of my short story.. please check out previous chaps if u havent :)

Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



 Octavian walked over to the nearest chair, which wasnt so near because he didnt believe in too many possesions. He had absolutly nothing to do, so he resorted to thinking. His favorite passtime. 

  When Octavian was a boy, maybe 14, he didnt have many friends. He wasnt so much desperate as he was just bored. Octavian was though, very close to his family, but when your that close to someone, you dont mess with it. Oct was very determined to meet someone that would be his companion but could be easily desposed of. A friend. Now your most likey starting to relise that Oct didnt really have too much respect for anyone, and wasnt shaken by the whole idea of totally abandoing someone but he acted normal all the same. He did in fact get this friend, the next day to be exact. Arthur Dems. Oct and Art got along quite well for years, until around the age of 19 they boys yearned for another to share in their mischife. They chose carefully for not just anyone could truly enjoy the company of Art and espically Oct. THey chose Andrew Stuart, a very well off man. Andrew was born into a very wealthy family and had to do absolutly nothing to gain access to money. So now that Octavian had his two stooges Art and Andrew, he could continue on with his plan. But of course Oct knew he needed mush more time with is mates to gain their full trust. For 3 more years the 3 of them traveled the world, kissed girls, had lavish parties, and as Oct's family moved further and further into the backround, he couldnt help to smile.

 Again you might see where this story is where good. Octavian would lead his friends into a "no turn back" zone. A zone where only the dead leave.



 Octavian fell asleep in his chair, he had nothing else to do.




  Ik its short but chap.3 comes soon... keep reading:)

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