The Fault in Our Stars

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Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



 Ok this is one of those books that really changed my life so i guess you could say that this whole review is a opinion:) Anyways... PLOT.

Our main character here Hazel has cancer, and has a mother who forces her to go to support groups. One day Mr. Augustas Waters comes to one. He isnt sick but hes there for a friend and i guess you could say that the two of them hit it off:)

 I loved Hazel a lot. She shows great strength but also times when she admits to needing help. Hazel is very considerate of all the people that are around her, making time for them but also not getting too attached. Gus (another main) is funny all around, hes always making jokes which isnt something i expected to find in a cancer book. He has amazingly great tste when it comes to the people hes friends with  NO LOSERS hah. Issac is another character i loved. Again he brings a sense of humor to the story but also some reality, seeing as he is about to loose his eye sight.


  So i couldnt really say much about the book, because i would have ruined the whole thing, but trust me when i say that it was amazing....U should most likely read this one if u already havent:)




The fault in our stars by John Green

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