The Maze Runner Review

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A small overview of the maze runner

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



The Maze Runner: By James Dashner

The Maze Runner was one of those books that you have to give a chance.The story itself was really good, the plot worked well with the characters.Basicly its about Thomas who finds himself in a strange place called the Glade. There he meets many other people who like him can't remember anything but their names. The Glade is surronded by a maze in which they try to solve so they can get home. By the end of the story the reader will most likely be tired of the whole plot and will want to move on, so when the author finally changed the setting and plot for the next book the reader will be completely captured. Ok, lets move on to talking about the characters. Thomas the main character was kind of annoying, he asked so many questions, though he was in the correct position to ask them. Thomas becomes a bit more reasonable as you get deeper into the story. Minho(my personal favorite) is very outgoing( again once you must get really get into the story) Minho excepts Thomas always. Newt the comic relief of the story,I think its safe to say that a comic relief does'nt always need to be funny, just someone who brings a light vibe to the story. Chuck was a young character which sort of annoyed me. First of all i hate the name Chunck and his character was a littte to happy for the story. Alby (my least favorite) was a constant sour puss, he almost seemed like he didn't belong in the story.


 So in summary I highly enjoyed this book, and would suggest reading the whole series. For those who chose to read the book i first must warn there are parts in which you might want to put it down but by the third book you will love it:)

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