Granny sherbets beach hut

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Richie is a young boy of around twelve years old. His parents separated and for the past two years he has been living with his Granny Sherbet by the sea, in a hotel called the Smelly Crab, which is owned by Mr. Clifton. Richie is introduced to a boy called Malcolm by his Granny Sherbet. One day Baxter, Mr. Clifton’s dog, is chased by the boys and leads them to a cave that takes them to the Rusty Anchor Inn, which is a time portal back to the 1700’s. When they find themselves at the Inn, the boys are almost taken by Yellow Grin, a pirate crew recruiter, but are saved by Scatty Sally who takes them back to the ship called the Granny Sherbet. After meeting the crew, consisting of Amy Wright, Dry Lynn, Red, Barefoot Brenda, Hairy Sue, Josie, and Claudia, Richie is introduced to the Captain and to his amazement he discovers it is his mum. His Mum (Captain Kali) takes him back to his time (the present) and back to the Smelly Crab for a family history lesson. After everything is explained, Richie, Malcolm and Captain Kali go back to the ship and go on a holiday to one of the islands near by. As they are relaxing they are attacked by One Eyed Chuck, the pirate leader of the Skull Crusher ship. A battle takes place and Captain Kali is captured. It’s down to Richie to rescue her with the help of the crew and his Granny Sherbet. Once rescued, The Granny Sherbet and its crew run into trouble in bad weather trying to get back to port. Help is provided by the crew of the Sea Angels. They make it back and all is well, however whilst looking through her rusty binoculars that have the special powers of seeing the past while in the present, Granny Sherbet senses something is wrong and another adventure awaits.

Table of Contents

The meeting

Chapter One: The Meeting  It was about half past seven in the morning and the sun shone fiercely through the window into Rich... Read Chapter