Gender bias

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To share my feelings about a discussion

Submitted: October 17, 2013

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Submitted: October 17, 2013



"Is the the fault yours my charm! I wonder;

To take birth as a girl"


Recently during my holidays I was just walking through the outskirts of Kothamangalam, one of the famous Christian dominated places of Kerala. Fortunately, or unfortunately I overheard the discussion of 3 gentle women. The discussion sounded like this" Oh! is it. Heard your daughter-in-law underwent an abortion! My condolesccence. Poor girl. It is always like that We have no fate to get them. Heard it was twin boys. Oh Pity on that. It is always like that, difficult to get boys. Girls are comfortable in mother's womb." The second lady added to that "Don't you remember even my miscarriage was a boy. Miscarriages always happen to boys";

I was shocked to hear the pathetic discussion as i walked further. My mind couldn't understand the logic behind the discussion. As a mother of two young and smart girl children, the discussion seemed to be ridiculus. I felt pity on the entire woman category as they consider and promote these kinds of misbeliefs. 

The thought that provoked my mind was something different. We hear the ladies fight for their rights and they cry for the discrimination they face in the society and so on. But  is this an indication of the wounded self esteem  among the educated  ladies  of Kerala.

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