A killer love story chapter 12

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Chapter 12

He couldn’t take it any longer. He leaned forward and kissed her. He teased his tongue along the seam of her mouth, urging her for more, trying to satisfy the wave of desire that had slammed into him like a freight train. She arched against him, bringing the softness of her breast to his chest. Flames erupted in his midsection and for a moment he forgot where he was.

After he pulled away she looked into his eyes and muttered an oath. Yeah, he felt the same way. He stroked her waist with the lazy moments that spoke of tangled sheets and spent passions. He wanted her lips on his again, her touch warm against his skin. He stretched forward just enough for his lips to brush hers. When he did, she let out a moan that sounded like his name and then kissed him. The moment his mouth met hers, hot fire raced through him ten times stronger than before.

His lips claimed hers with a hunger that had no limits. His hands roamed along her back. He could feel her heart beating, merging with the rhythm of his own. Blood rushed through his veins, tingling against his nerves. She opened her mouth to his, amazed that something as simple as a kiss could feel so wonderful. His tongue swept the recesses of her mouth, teasing hers back, urging her to do the same. She pressed her chest to his.

Sighing, Zack pulled away, “That never should have happened again and I know what you’re thinking, but my will is weak when it comes to you.”

Anya laughed, “Well I’m glad you didn’t because that was one of the best kisses that I have ever had. You must have lot of practice.”

“No more than any other. You really should get some rest. You’re getting out tomorrow. And don’t worry; I’ll be right here when you wake up.”

“Thank you, but I don’t want to go to sleep. I just woke up from sleep and I had this really weird dream.” She smiled at him. He loved that smile; it filled up the whole room.

“I just want you to have enough energy for tomorrow.” Zack said with a smile.

“It’s not that hard to go from the bed to a wheel chair. I think I can manage that.” She said with a laugh.

“Please, for me? Just sleep for a little while.”

“Fine, but you owe me.”

Zack gave her a soft kiss on the lips and walked over to the window. The sky outside was gray, the sun just beginning to rise. Back home, Zack had never taken the time to actually look at the sunrise. He never had the time or the patience to. He was always on the go, never settling down. Then there was Katie, the only girl that he had ever thought he loved. But Katie obviously did not love him. He only wished that it would be different with Anya.


Anya looked over at Zack and sighed. She would love to know what he was thinking right now, he looked so distressed she wanted to get up and give him a hug. Anya liked him a lot. Probably more than she should. She only met him a few days ago and now she’s kissing him. And wow those kisses. Sure she’d been in love before, but never this quickly.

Love? Where did that come from? Sure she liked him a tremendously, he saved her life. And she could definitely spend more time kissing him. But love? No, not in a million years would she think that she was already in love with him. Things were just getting a little crazy with the murder and her emotions were running on high.

Zack turned around and headed for the door. “I’m going to go home for a little bit so that I can shower and eat. I’ll come and get you tomorrow, ok?”

He looked so cute right there. His hair was all messed up from when she kissed him and his hands where crossed over his chest. The muscles in his arms bulged, making his T-shirt stretch over his arm.

“Is that ok with you? If you want, I could stay here with you.” He looked like he wanted to bolt out of the room.

God help me, but I want him to stay. “Yeah, go ahead, it’s not like I’m going anywhere.” She said with a smile.

He looked so grateful at that moment that she could not contain her laugh. He was just so cute. Before he felt though, Zack walked over and planted his lips on hers. His lips were soft, but firm. The way he kissed her was like no other.

Love, it’s definitely love.

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