Red, White, and You

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This is based on a true story...

Submitted: November 12, 2014

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Submitted: November 12, 2014



Red, White, and You.

(Part One)

Summer, 1962. It was a particularly hot day. The heat seemed to thicken as the day grew longer. The afternoon became lazy, making people not care to budge. But I did. I walked along corridors and found my way into the swimming pool area. A man two decades more than I was floating in the crystal waters. His eyes were closed and he was so still, I thought him dead. The sound of my heels clicking against the floor alerted him. He opened his eyes and looked over in a stern way. He swam over to the edge closest to us and smiled, his blue eyes sparkling.

"You must be the new intern" he said with a thick Boston accent.

I nodded. "Yes sir that's me"

His eyes traveled my body from my toes to my head as I spoke. "Pleasure to meet you."

He ran his fingers through thick brown locks of hair.

"Likewise" I replied softly while watching him.

He was cool and seemingly confident. I had only seen him on television, never in person. In person he seemed to be different. He went over to the steps and walked out of the pool, grabbing a towel from the nearby railing. He wrapped it around his waist and walked to me slowly while I watched.

He looked at me with a soft smile. "Welcome to Washington"






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