Remembering Only To Forget

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Basic summary of nostalgic feelings towards another.

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



The smallest flickers of light pepper the sky with a sense of familiarity. It was a long time ago, when time was just a number to remind us of the good. Before this and all of that, the beginning seems distant and reserved for only thoughts of you. The smell of detergent still haunts me; always lingering in my nasal cavities. I used to feel at home, and I had never felt such a deep rooted peace like that before. It is unsettling, knowing that we are no longer the same children bound by silly interpretations of the tomorrows to come. We have grown up, grown apart, seperated by our own previsions. The mere thought of leaving behind all the memories is abhorrent to me, yet it has to be done. You are no longer the person you once were to me, simply a shadow of ideals. I can still recall the bite of cold against my skin as I clutched the receiver to my ear. Remember our sweetest of nothings? Our whispered regrets? Every speck of a detail is engraved into my skull, from the crack of the pavement to the way the streetlights danced upon the barren road. I miss you, and I miss us, but the innocence is gone. So are you. 

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