How to Start a D&D Adventure But Not Sure How

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How to Start a D&D adventure for those who have wanted to start one but do not know how.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



In The Beginning

Baby Steps

If you have ever thought about playing Dungeons and Dragons or as its called D&D for short and you thought it was to hard to start. Well I can tell you its really not that hard at all. Basically the first step is to get some friends together and figure out what  you are going to do.
The next biggest step is once you  have gotten you friends together you need to have purchased the " Players Handbook" the "Dungeon masters Guide" and the "Monster Manual some pencils and a set of multi sided dice. The Dungeon Master Guide and the Monster Manual are for who you have selected to be the dungeon master he is the one that runs the game and keeps track of player progression through the adventure. Also if you have anyone in the group who cannot afford the purchasing the books here is a website or this is another good one they are archives of the rules that have been placed on the Internet through the use of the "Open Gaming License".

The Next Steps

Baby Steps Part 2

One the Dungeon Master has figured out how the adventure is planing out he will then set up a night or weekend and have everyone come over and he will help with the creation of your character and make sure you all bring you favorite snacks and drinks. Creating a character is the fun part. Why I say this is the fun part because of the fact that you can put you personality into the character into it weather you are the Heroic Paladin or the sneaky rouge who pickpockets everyone. The basic classes are Bard,Cleric,Fighter,Monk,Ranger,Druid,Paladin,Rouge,Wizard,Sorceress. But, there are mnay different class combos you can come up with you just have to ask the Dungeon Master if its ok to play the combo. Some of the combos might be too difficult to play or because of they are not of the same alignment. Eample a Paladin and a Rouge why this would not normally work a Paladin as a Holy warrior and Rouge is a thief.
Now that the character creation is out of the way the game can begin. My suggestion to you is that start of with a bit of role-play to get the game started. Its easier in the beginning that you characters all know each other from past adventurers. Now it my seem role-playing is boring but it can lead you down a wild and crazy quest.

The Example

Baby Steps 3

During the game its ok to get a little wacky that breaks up if your players are getting bored. I will give you an example one of the adventures we were on everyone seemed to be getting bored so we came across a group of very hungry orc's and to out right was a mysterious Taco Stand called "Speedy Taco" today's special Wizard's stew somehow my wife rolled her dice she managed to successfully convince the group of orc's to eat at the taco stand it worked they did and then the taco stand ate them. But, in the same token you can make you adventure serious but wacky.

Happy Gaming

So in closing I hope this helps the new players who are interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons. And please have fun out there the sky is the limit with you imignation. Hope to see you real Soon



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