A short thing on death.

I walk down the empty alley way hoping to find answers. Answers to the question you never answered. Why did you leave me? You left me all alone in this world and nobody can ever fill the space that is now empty. The space where you once belonged. We once spent all our time down here in this alley way. It is why I come down here. Because I wish to find answers and hoping to find you here also. But so far I have no luck finding you. All I see is: empty bear cand and bottles, surringes all over the ground and knocked over trash cans. I sigh and take a seat on the ground. Look what you done to me I never wanted you to leave. I look at the wall across me and find where we once stood. Where we once carved our names into the wall. I missed those days but they're never coming back. You left me empty and I have nobody else to hold me, nobody else to stroke my hair and tell me it's okay. The space in my bed is empty. Your seat on the couch is empty. My heart is empty...Without you i'm nothing. I stand up and brush myself off and head out of the alley way and into my car. Thats it, it's decided. I'm coming to visit you. I drive down the wet roads and park outside. I look up at the sky and walk inside and look around the millions of people that lay in your home. I stop infront of you and neal down and put flowers on the earth above you. Your gone and theres nothing bringing you back, nothing can bring you out of that grave and into my arms once again. I loved you and you loved me. We were perfect until you decided to end your own life. Why did you do that? I read your tomb stone and felt hot tears running down my cheeks as I read it out loud to myself.

"Martin Harry Davis: 1992-2011 loving husband and father, will be missed dearly" I said as I cried out loud. It was correct you will be missed. Especially my your children Jennifer and Carlson Davis. Jennifer was 1 and Carlson was 3 months old. They were both was at home with your mother . What am I supposed to tell our children when we're older? That you killed youself? You didn't even leave a note to tell us why you left us. Why you ended your own life with a hook on the roof, a chair and a rope. What are we supposed to guess these things. You had the perfect life and nothings bringing you back. Though I keep thinking I will see you in the alley way or at home. But truth is...Your gone and you left your children and me with emoty hearts.

Submitted: July 17, 2011

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