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A poem.

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



Penniless and hungry does the man appear to be

Don't judge any on face value, they say, but

His story is clearly illustrated by the image

Faded yet vivid printed upon the front cover


Sleeping in ditches, upturned garbage cans

Present smorgasbords of sustenance

For those down on their luck

Deep, rolling scars lay concealed by gloves over his trembling hands

Physical memories are these, permanent reminders

Of violence in a past life, of where he was battered,

Where tree limbs snapped back against him in recoil,

Of where he had been struck,

And there are scars laid across the back of his eyelids,

Moving, breathing scars playing pictures in his head,

Seeing his brothers literally torn apart, Screaming

In agony, as he stared blankly from amongst the

Foliage in which he hid


But now he is used up,

There is nothing left, not even the trace of a soul,

Just a shell, an empty jar with the top removed

Dead in every sense but the technical

Robbed of his youth, robbed of his future, robbed of all

feeling and pleasure, robbed of all he owned

Inwards and outwards but the beating of his heart,

Which was left to him only because they did not desire it

For they had a surplus of those they had already snatched away


And maybe it would have been best to have lost that too,

left with his brothers,

So he would be nothing,

Instead of nothing with the appearance of something

For even his mind is crippled, ground into crumbs,

Muffled bits murmured under his breath

Do not stem from formed thoughts,

They are like rain dripping from tree branches  when the storm has long past

He is unable, does not think,

Only sustains, driven by the primalest of all intincts found in

every living creature that screams in the subconscious ear, "Survive"

And so he does without question

As the picture show reels endlessly in his head

Of the destruction witnessed and partaken

Leaving nothing in its wake.

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