The Mansion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A detective checks out a bizarre crime in hopes of finding the killer. As they pursue the trail of the killer, things start to go wrong.

Submitted: August 16, 2013

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Submitted: August 16, 2013



A detective walks into a mansion and checks out a crime scene.

Detective: So what happened here?

Partner: Apparently all the maids in the house were stabbed to death and piled on top of each other in the living room.

Detective: What’s the owners name?

Partner: Mr. Wagner Polt.

Detective: What a strange name.

Partner: Yeah, the cop over there said the same thing.

Detective: Is he German?

Partner: Yeah.

Detective: Well that explains it.

They walk over to the pile of rotting corpses where all the females lay on top of each other.

Detective: My god. What a mess. Have you checked for fingerprints?

Partner: Yeah, but we got nothing.

The detective looks under the couches and finds a paper crumpled up.

Detective: Hello… what’s this?

The detective flattens out the paper on his knee and reads it out loud. The words look childlike and have many spelling errors.

Detective: It says here, “Mommy told me to make a sandcastle.”

Partner: I’m guessing Mr. Polt has mommy issues.

Detective: Sandcastle… so this stack of maids is a sandcastle? So then whats the sandbox?

Partner: Probably the house.

Detective: So if I were correct… a sandbox is part of a playground correct?

Partner: Yeah usually.

Detective: Where is Mr. Wagner Polt?

Partner: We don’t know. We talked to the neighbors but they haven’t seen him since he came back a couple hours ago.

Detective: So that would mean… Mr. Polt is still here?

Partner: Yeah. That’s right.

Detective: That’s it! Is there a playground around here somewhere?

Partner: I believe there’s a swing outside.

As the two detectives go outside the mansion and out to the swing area, they see a tree next to it.

Detective: If he’s still here then he must be hiding… have you found a secret entrance of some sort around the mansion?

Partner: None.

Detective: Then its got to be outside around here somewhere…

As they search around the tree and swing area, the detective picks up a patch of grass under the swing to lead down to a ladder.

Detective: I found it!

As the two pull out their pistol, they climb down this ladder to jump down to the bottom. They see a dark hallway and so they pull out their flashlights.

Partner: You first.

Detective: Aw shit.

As they walk down this dark hallway with only their small flashlights, they hear a chuckling from somewhere behind them.

Detective: Was that you?

Partner: No. I heard it too.

Mr. Polt: You’ll never catch me… (chuckling)

As they frantically try to search for Mr. Polt they run towards the end of the way with their flashlights bouncing back and forth.

Partner: Goddamn it! This guy has offically gone crazy! (Running)

Mr. Polt jumps out of nowhere and knocks the partner out of the way to not be seen from the detective. The detective stops running.

Detective: Partner? where are you?

He looks around with his flashlight and starts running back. He finally finds his partner on the ground dead, with a knife through his heart.

Detective: Holy shit!

Then the detective gets the bright idea to turn off his flashlight. He walks around in pure darkness and bumps into a wall. He keeps quiet and hears chuckling from the right hand side, and so he quickly turns on his flashlight while Mr. Polt charges at him with a knife.

The detective quickly fires his gun and kills Mr. Polt. The Detective breathes heavily and gets up to go back to the ladder. Just as he goes up the ladder, he sees someone being arrested. The detective goes up to one of the cops patrolling the mansion.

Detective: Who was that?

Cop: That was Mr. Polt, we got him.

The detective looks in shock and thinks to himself, who the hell did I just kill?

© Copyright 2020 Electrosombrero. All rights reserved.

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