Doubting Future

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Times are changing. Can a generation survive? I wonder myself sometimes.

Submitted: January 01, 2007

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Submitted: January 01, 2007



Pop culture glamour—
Demented from the start.
It’s amazing what we’ve
Put into our hearts.
Some days it might be easier
To cease existing
Because God knows we still can’t think for ourselves.
In a world such as this,
Is it worth living?

Young new-age soldiers,
Join together in pain.
We already know that
Our world is not the same—
As the ones our fathers and mothers
Lived in.
So what left will there be for us after we grow old?
Should we try to endure this,
Or simply give in?

Our world is dangerous.
What new terrors wait?
In what ways are we expected
To accept this fate?
Death and pornography now overtake reason
Like flies on a corpse.
Will our eyes grow far too used to such a sight?
Shall we get used to such disturbances
As our minds warp?

Impossible questions,
Why pester me?
The answer is something
I have yet to see.
Perhaps we won’t be blind to these changes,
Then we might survive.
If we can keep our heads on our shoulders,
Our brains in tact,
We can hold onto such ties.

But what if we fail?
What will that entail?

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