The Barn

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ever think you're so wonderfully in love with someone, even after you've been apart for a while? In essence, that's what this poem is about. It deals with my ex boyfriend and I who were considering getting back together. He invited me to watch him play with his band at a place called Daniel's Barn (the origin of the poem's name), which is quite literally a guy named Daniel who randomly lets bands play in his barn. Long story short, while things seemed wonderful at the show, I was used and lied to. Then the pen hit the paper, and this was the product...

Celestial stars
The sky was bright
I saw your face in the moonlight
Beaming brightly
Honest eyes
But then a pause followed by lies
I followed you
And I believed
You were the one God made for me
I still say I know you well
But now it's just too hard to tell.And I have cried
A thousand tears
I've lost all hope without you here
I try to call
You everyday
But you always turn away
The things between
Our rise and fall
To you now don't matter at all
Yet I still hold on to memories
I won't give up on you and me.The sun, the moon
They have no shine
You own this broken heart of mine
It's yours to keep
If you'll just stay
It's not like you care anyway
I hoped for the best
Trusted you
Might not have been too smart to do
But I'll keep trying, I'll keep dying
With my last breath I'll see you smiling.

Submitted: November 28, 2006

© Copyright 2022 elegantbleeding. All rights reserved.

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