Silent Wind

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we were asked to write something outworldly we felt recently. when i took the pen in my hand the words just flowed and i wanted to share it so here it goes read on to find more.

Submitted: October 07, 2010

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Submitted: October 07, 2010



30 August 2010, it was the day which
was suppose to be special. It was the
exactly 15 years ago when I came into
this realm. But for me it was as normal
as bone piercing cold in winter and
black clouds in rainy season. That day
was suppose to bring happiness with it
but in my life it brought emptiness.
Emptiness cropped when my father left
me to continue his journey into other
heavenly realms in this universe.
Every birthday my father used to be
the first one to wish me until 14 years
but that day he was not there. And
without him nothing can be special so
it was supposedly a normal day for me.
But when I looked up to the sky, it felt
special. The sun was shining the
brightest, showering all its mirth and
its light caressing. And the birds were
chirping like never before. Even the
trees were trying to say something that
is beyond the grasp of human mind.
As I was drowned deep in my thoughts,
attempting to understand the
mysterious message that all natural
elements were trying to convey.
Suddenly, a gush of cold wind struck
me pulling me out of my thoughts. I
looked around taking in the
surroundings I’m standing in but
everything was silent, still like
someone has pressed the “pause” button
making everything motionless, in that
moment trapping everything and
Then suddenly once again a wave of
cold sharp wind gushed past me giving
me goose bumps. I felt the same feeling
as before, a divine feeling, yet so
homely and caring. It was familiar. A
warm feeling I used to get when my
father was near me. It was the long lost
feeling I forgot a long while ago but
this wind current reminded me of it.
What seemed like ages trapped it
seconds, left me a feeling to cherish
lifelong. I don’t know where that wind
current came from but I’m sure it
carried the wishes of some loved one to
me. I fathomed this day to be a normal
one but just few divine seconds made it
so special a day to remember.

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