"Underground" is a story about six friends in their early twenties coming into adulthood harshly. They will have to stand together as a team to face the difficulties but also stand up bravely against their own demons. Friendship, responsibility and love are three of the basic themes of the novel. Mel, a twenty three year old girl, tells the story of her best friends, who have run away from home and try to take control of their life through the cruel structure of society.

Table of Contents


One. It wasn’t all of us. Ian was sitting on the ground a dozen steps away from where I was standing, next to a wire fence. He was ... Read Chapter


Two. “Is she asleep?” Leo asked.  I looked at Victoria. Jen was sleeping on her lap.  It was dark now and chill... Read Chapter


 Three  I left the last dirty mugs in the kitchen and sat down at the bar feeling exhausted. My legs were in great pain. ... Read Chapter


Four.  I was looking at the vinyls, hanging on the wall, while listening to the band finishing that rock song. I avoided looking d... Read Chapter