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A vampire teen has been living underground for a very long time. She writes in her diary of past events that she remebers. Towards the end she is able to lead the whole clan of supernatural powered people back to the surface of earth to rebuilt the cities.

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



I will always remember what the Earth looked like in the year 2010. I was seventeen and I would always sit outside on the roof of my house, watching the cars drive by and the sun set. I would visit the meadow, which happened to be only three blocks away from my house, with my best friend Erik Smith. We would sit on the freshly cut grass surrounded by beautiful wild flowers and daydream about what we would be when we got older. I said I wanted to be a famous actress and he said he wanted to be a famous singer and marry a beautiful girl. I never did realize that he was talking about me until I died.

How can I be telling you this if I’m dead? Well, actually I am undead or other wise known as a vampire. I am stuck at the age of eighteen unable to die unless I get staked or burned by the sunlight. I am bilingual because I have traveled around the world. I speak French and English because I visited France and stayed there for a good year so I learned to speak French. As I lived in France and back to the U.S.A I lived through a bunch of different events both horrible and simply amazing. There was just one event that was so horrible that I still remember it now a thousand years later.

It was on my birthday, I would have been turning twenty-one if I was still alive, and I had witnessed the worst thing anyone could ever witness. I had watched my best friend get murdered with the rest of the human race who occupied the Earth. The only people who survived were all the humans with supernatural powers. So I have lived through the ending of the human race and the murder of my best friend. Who could get rid of all the humans, well the ones who have supernatural powers, duh?

When people mention the words “supernatural powers” what comes to your mind? People with powers that make them able to fly, see into the future, read minds and make things blow up just by thinking about it, etc. Well of course that would come to your mind because you think supernatural powers are fictional and only in stories. But that’s where all humans are wrong, supernatural powers are real and about one out of every twenty-four humans have them. All normal humans deny the fact that there are other humans with powers so strong they can wipe out the human race in an instant. So humans try to forget about it and try to be nice to all humans just incase that human has powers.

Three years after my death everything seemed to be okay until one human made the biggest mistake in his life. This one mistake caused his death and the death of all humans. He made a very rude comment to another human boy who happened to have supernatural powers. The human boy, who yelled, his name was Erik Smith, yes my best friend. It caught my attention when I realized that it was Erik who was screaming at another boy. Erik accused the other boy for my death and I could tell that Erik was pissing off the other boy. I watched, hidden, making sure that I was not seen, and listened to the fight. While the other boy spoke he glanced behind him and looked me straight in the eyes, that’s when I realized who it was. It was Jacob Darksky, the vampire boy who had killed me on my birthday, the only vampire who had supernatural powers before he was turned. All Jacob had to do was think about Erik on fire or exploding and that’s exactly what would happen. Jacob smirked evilly at me then turned his attention back to Erik. He glared at him and seconds later Erik exploded in front of me. I had screamed at Jacob and he just laughed. After Erik was nothing but pieces of flesh scattered around the alleyway, Jacob went around the world burning things up and blowing up all the humans just because of what Erik had said. Everyone with supernatural powers collaborated with Jacob but I didn’t get in the middle of it. I don’t want the feeling that I killed the whole human race on my chest.

Now a millennium has passed and all humans are dead except the ones with supernatural powers. The colony and I live subterranean because the surface of earth is inhabitable which was caused by Jacob's anger. Now everyone in the colony must work together to find food and clean water. It’s a very hard task to do when you are living under the Earth’s crust. You would think of Atlantis if you saw where we live because literally there is a city under the Earth’s crust. There are rock buildings, homes also we have lights and it is all located under the crust. Everyone did there part to help build this colony through out the years because they all knew something bad was going to happen.

Living under ground for a thousand years can get extremely boring so my new friend Kacey and I race through the tunnels to see who’s faster. I usually win but she continually challenges me which I don’t mind because it’s something to do. Kacey is a little old woman with short grey hair and light blue eyes. Living in the Earth with out seeing the light of day tends to make the humans age faster. For me I still look like I did when I turned eighteen because vampires don’t age.

As we were racing one day we went down one tunnel that we didn’t recognize and was totally surprised to find a lake with a fountain at the end. Kacey was extremely thirsty so she ran up to it and jumped in it. She dunked under the water then she came back up and began to drink the water. After a couple minutes Kacey stood up fully and smiled at me. I smiled back but suddenly glanced at her horrified. The girl looking at me wasn’t Kacey, it was a girl who looked to be eighteen years old instead of an eighty year old women. We both pondered what had happened and I realized that we found a youth fountain. If you sit in the water for a couple minutes while drinking the water it rejuvenates you. You become a young teen again. It was such a great find that both Kacey and I went back to the others and told them about the Youth fountain. Everyone bathed in it and they all became eighteen again.

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