Free? Or Maybe Not?

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The FBI, CIA, and M16 have a new project called Magic War which was just released to experiment on newborn children. The purpose of the project was to make certain children weapons for the military or army. Instead of sending in an army of adults they will send in an army of children to confuse the enemy. They started with just four children from four different families and soon these four children found out exactly what the FBI, CIA, and M16 were up to. The four children were outraged that the agencies would hurt them, so they tried desperately to stop the FBI, CIA, and M16 before they hurt any other children. The FBI, CIA, and M16 were outraged when they found out that these four children knew the truth and were trying to stop them. They chased them for months trying to eliminate the four children.

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



What’s a perfect day in your life? Feeling a breeze blowing through your hair, as the sun beats on your face, while you lie on the beach? Just hanging with your friends at the mall? For me, the perfect day would be when my gang and I are with our families once again and the groups of FBI, CIA, and M16 agents would leave us alone, for good. Anyone can dream but I dream a dream that won’t come true.

The four of us have been driving for three days now and everyone is still silent since our last encounter with the group of FBI agents which happened to end horribly. The events have shaken everyone up including me but I make sure not to show my actual feelings. If I showed exactly how I really felt, the two youngest would act the same way and I don’t want that to happen. That would be chaotic. I know I need to be very strong for Zoë and Skylar, the two youngest members of the group. Corey on the other hand is eighteen, the same age as me, and can deal with the events in his own way. I can also, but I choose to look strong on the outside then be weak and cry. During the past three days I’ve pushed that horrible event to the back of my mind and focused on the present.

We drove a couple of miles until I spotted a New York Deli on the right side of the street. I turned the car into New York Deli’s parking lot and I parked, shutting the car off after. Everyone got out and headed to the front door. Skylar ran up to me and took my hand while Zoë and Corey followed closely behind us. Once inside a brunette male host walked up to the podium in front of us. While he greeted us he examined each and every one of us, making me uneasy. I read his name tag to see what his name was and found out it was Chris.

“Four?” he asked in a strange tone which made my uneasiness even worse. I glanced around as if I was checking the restaurant out but nodded at Chris. I noticed in the corner of my left eye that a couple people stood up at tables near us. I knew exactly what was going to happen next. I began shouting orders while Chris took out a gun.

“RUN!” I yelled picking Skylar up, turning around and running out the entrance. Chris growled pointing the gun at Skylar while Corey grabbed Zoë’s arm, dragging her out the door. Outside Corey got Zoë into the car and waited for Skylar and me. Chris pulled the trigger firing the gun as I threw Skylar. I knew I was going to be hit there was definitely no stopping that but I would rather that Skylar didn’t get hurt too. As Corey caught Skylar I felt a shearing pain in my back. I stopped dead in my tracks and fell to my knees. I breathed heavily trying to keep conscious which was hard for me because of the pain. Suddenly I realized that I was falling to my side and I couldn’t stop myself. My whole body had gone completely numb. While I lay on my side I heard Corey scream, “ALYSON!” and saw him starting to run toward me. Before he got far I waved them on with the last ounce of strength I had. I smiled as Corey got in the car and started it up. He backed it out driving out of the parking lot before any of the agents caught up to them. I watched Skylar cry in the back of the car while Corey sped off down the road. His face was the last thing I saw before everything went completely black.

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