In My Dreamz

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A Dream

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



In my dreamz at night

You are always there

Holding me tight

Helping me say

Good-bye to those bad nights


In my dreamz I stand there in a meadow

You kissing my forehead

And your hand touches mine

Honestly I can’t explain

This feeling I feel inside


Could this feeling be true love? I really don’t know…

But I do know I have never felt this way before

Could it be true?

That you are the love of my life?

Now I can believe that cuz I think it’s true


I look at you and smile

Your beautiful blue-ish green eyes stare back at me

Waiting….inviting me

To get lost in them

Never to be saved by anyone but you


As we stand there together you begin to talk

About you and I

You say “We are meant to be together”

I say that I agree

Hoping we will last eternity


The love I have for you

Is extremely strong like a diamond fence

If it ever breaks

I want you to know there will be no more me

And I hope you see and understand that


I am super happy to be with you

By your side knowing you love me too

Feeling our love grow each and every day

Makes many beautiful memories

That will always last forever


© Copyright 2018 Elena Wolff. All rights reserved.

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