Misaki's parents

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In this the gazers, and seekers live together....

Submitted: January 21, 2009

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Submitted: January 21, 2009



Misaki sighed as she waited for Zee to pick up. I mean sure he was across the hall but she was too lazy to get up. Zee picked up,


“hey Zee!!!”

“misaki, why are you calling me when your across the hall? Is this a plot to use my minutes up??”

“no….my parents are coming to visit for Christmas…”

“you mean the really over protective parents?”

“Zee, what other parents do I have??”

Silence on the other end.

“when are they coming?”

“tonight….at eight”

Once again silence.


Then he hung up. A few seconds later he came into the room.

“who’s picking them up?” Misaki hesitated

“ummm…well I was hoping you.” She smiled sweetly. Zee rolled his eyes.

“fine….but you so owe me!”

At Eight…At the airport where Misaki’s parents are….

“Where are they?” Zee whined

“Oh shut up Zee. There they are!!” Misaki said walking over to them.

“My baby girl!!!!” Her mother said enveloping her into a crushing hug.

“Mom, let go of me!” Misaki said prying herself from her mothers grasp.

“darling, who’s this?” Misaki’s mom asked, pointing at Zee.

“Mom, Dad, this is Zee!” misaki said smiling.

“ohhh…..” Misaki’s mom said wrinkiling her nose.
”Come on! We can’t stay in the airport forever!” Misaki said walking into the parking lot. Her parents followed and got into the car. Misaki sat in the front next to Zee.

Misaki’s Point of Veiw

I sighed

“zee, your going over the speed limit…again.” I whispered. We were almost at the base. I could feel my parents studying me. I sighed my mom, Sarah, seemed to be way overprotective, and my dad was just as quiet as ever. I sighed. We reached the base and pulled in. As soon as we parked I jumped out of the car, and zee followed.

“go get their bags.” I whispered to Zee. He shook his head no.

“let them get their own damn bags!” he whispered. I winced seeing as my mom was right behind us. She tapped zee’s shoulder. He turned around.

“you’re a retard!” my mom said. Then she walked around back and got their bags. I barley concealed a laugh. Zee stared with his mouth hanging open. I gently closed his mouth. He seemed to recover and took my hand to lead me into the base. He seemed to say, don’t worry about your parents. When we reached the base everyone was waiting. When my parents entered the introduced themselves. When my parents reached Rika. They stopped

“She’s soooo adorable!!!!” Sarah fawned over her. Rika smiled and ran over to me.

“I like your parents Misaki-chan!!” She said. I smiled and hugged her. It seemed the only one that they didn't like was Zee.....


"soooo...." Zee said akwardly

"This place is a mess i can't belive you expect my daughter to live in such filth!" Sarah exclaimed. Zee glared but then decided against whatever he was planning.

"you're right." I stared in shock at him.

"you won't tell me what to do." Zee said looking into my mothers eyes. I whacked him on the head.
"ZEE! you can't hypnotize my parents!!!!"

"Why not!" he whined rubbing his head.

"no..." That had come from my mom, "I'll order you around when I want to!" she said looking at Zee.

both Zee and my mouth fell open. My mom resisting the hypnotism! Zee froze...

"well, ill just have to impress them the old fashoined way!" He declared. I cracked up at that idea.

"really, you're are going to singlehandedly clean up the base!" He nodded and that's when I realized that he was serious.
"well it's really late, I'm going to bed!" my mom declared walking off and my dad followed. Zee left and I was left alone. Then Zee came back with cleaning supplies and started cleaning the base. I stared in shock. He started dusting the cabneit...while dropping all the breakables on the floor....breaking them.

"Ummm....Zee?" I started and he cut me off.

"don't intterupt me!" he said and went back to cleaning."what impresses your mom?" he asked.

"well, cleaning, cooking, flowers,and ballerina figures...."

He paused and looked at me

"ballerina figures??"

"don't ask me...she has this strange obbsession with them!" He went back to cleaning and quite frankly by attempting to clean up he was making a bigger mess. But I didn't have the heart to tell him. By the end of cleaning that room almost all of the breakables were broken. There was dust all over the floor. Basically anything that wasn't the floor was clean...the floor however was a disater area. Zee went outside, then returned with the hose. He dropped it and went backoutside...probably to turn it on. The hose started moving then erupted spurting water everywhere. It was like a snake waving around everywhere, I was totally soaked! Zee walked back in just in time to get sprayed with the hose. He looked at me, I was not happy and he could tell. I grabbed the hose and glared. He walked 0ver

"I'll take the hose..."

"why should I trust you? you destroy things!"
"give. Me. the. hose."

"no!" He lunged at me and unfortuately over shot and landed on the floor next to me. I started laughing and he pulled the hose causing me to fall on top of him. At that moment my mother decided to walk in. She got a faceful of hose then saw us, in that unfortunate position. My mom froze then started screaming at zee. Zee and I of course weren't paying attention. We were both blushing and quickly got of each other. Thats when we realiazed my mom was there....lets just say zee got screamed at a lot....

The next day....

I walked downstairs...to find zee sleeping on the couch.

"Zee....why are you down here?"

"your mom wouldn't let me go upstairs...because your across the hall....I'll make breakfeast...scince i will impress your mom!" he said falling off the couch. Getting up he went to the kitchen. Slowly everyone else came downstairs. As ussually Rika started annoying every one.
"go lick a pole Rika!" Edgar finally shouted.
"Okey dokey!!!!" Rika shouted skipping out of the base. I looked outside to see rika liking a pole.

"Great job Edgar...." I said rolling my eyes. My mom came down,"so, what's for breakfast?" she asked looking around. "I don't know ask Zee." I said. My mom glared at seemingly the air. "Why is he cooking he'll burn the whole building down!" She said. At that moment there was a smell of burning. Then the smoke alarm went off. The sprinkelers came on and we were all soaked. Zee came out of the kitchen. "Misaki, I have a problem...." My mom rolled her eyes "Ya got that right!" she said. Zee glared and stalked off to his room. I sighed, "I'm going to go attempt to cool him down..." I said following Zee.
"soooo, what are we having for breakfast?" Lex asked.

"Zee, can I come in?" I asked. "NOOOO, go away...." He said, I ignored him and walked in. "I told you to go away..." He said. He was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling. We were both soaking wet. "Zee, I don't care what my mom thinks of you?" He sighed, "I know, but she insulted me!" I laughed at the memory, and he glared at me. "If you really want to impress her go get some flowers and a porcilean ballerina figure....Okay" He nodded and got up.

5hours later

my mom was sitting on the couch across from me. argueing with me.....again...for about the 1000000000th time that day. Zee came in with a bunch of wild flowers and gave them to my mom. She was quite shocked and actually smiled!!! Zee left again and came back with a pretty porcelin figure. And my mom stared at him. I noticed something weird about the flowers but decided against saying anything.

10 hours later

I was taking a nap on the couch andwoke up to a pericing scream. My mom ran into the room. Her face had red dots all over it. I started laughing. My supision had been right, Zee put poisin Ivy into the boquet. Then I saw the Ballerina figure, it was chasing my mom all around the room. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. My mom was running around in circles trying to escape the insane ballerina. She started sceaming that we were all insane and She wanted to leave. Zee came out smiriking, and opened the door. She ran out the door. We took her and my dad to the airport. I laughed the whole way there. When we got back to the base I stopped laughing.

"that was nice Zee! Im soo happy you got rid of my mom, I swear I was an inch away from killing her. Hey, I know thisis random...but have you seen Rika?" He shook his head and I looked over. She was still stuck to the pole. I walked over, and yanked her tounge off the pole. She smiled and skipped into the house. About 5 minutes later a loud OW! came from the house. Zee smirked. "And your mom has one more suprise. I smuggled the deranged ballerina into her bag." I started laughing at the thought of that deranged ballerina chasing her around again. Well, in a way I'm glad that my parents visited I learned several lessons. 1) Never let Zee cook 2) never trust anything Zee gives you 3) Never tell rika to lick a pole....she takes it quite litterally and finally 4) My mom is a moron.

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