Song of the Angel

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I came up with this when I one of my friends parents friend had a baby born with a hole in it's heart, and it survived. I wrote this for them.

Submitted: July 20, 2008

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Submitted: July 20, 2008



The baby girl entered the world,and took her first breaths

The baby girl coughed and coughed, She couldn't breathe

The doctors put her in intensive care, She was born with a hole in her heart

The doctors told the mother and father, They said she would survive but would have to stay in the hospital

The Mother fretted worried about her baby the whole night, the father soothed her saying that the baby would be fine

The Mother stayed up staring at the full moon silently crying over the fate of the baby, the father slept with dreams about what would happen to their darling girl

The father tossed in his sleep having worried dreams, The mother sat up all night on a silent vigil

The father woke covered in sweat having had a terrible dream of the baby girl, The mother went to him this time comforting him

The next day the sun came up as always, The couple drove to the hospital

The doctors showed them the baby, The couple held her in their arms

The next week the baby went home, The beautiful baby girl was named Hope because she had given the couple hope

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