Death of Me....

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A young girl wakes up in a strange place that looks to be an abandon hospital. She has no idea how she got their and who she is. The only question is will she get out alive.

Submitted: March 30, 2011

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Submitted: March 30, 2011



I woke to a sudden pain throbbing in my scull. That’s when I noticed, that I had no sudden memory of who I was and why I was here. I was lying still on a bed that seemed to be wet, cold and was very sticky. So I sat up, and I began to see my eyes started to a just to the lighting in the room, it was flickering off and on and it was also vary dim lighting. I couldn’t help but smell the air in the room but then again it was kind of hard not to, it smelled of blood and decaying bodies. I started to move about on the bed and I noticed that I was also covered in the same mysterious substance.
`A few minutes later my mind started to wonder. I stared to really think about how I got here and also how long I’ve been out. My eyes adjusted even more and the substance on the mattress was looking more and more reddish black. It wasn’t what I thought it would have been. It was much worse. It smelled of old musty iron. I didn’t want to think any more about it, but it was everywhere and the more I thought about it the more it came to me. It was human blood I could tell by the way the room was covered in it, on the walls ceiling and even the door bloody hand and foot prints covered most of the wall and the same with the foot prints it looked as if someone was struggling for their life. Tiny pieces of bodily remains were scattered across the floor I was freaking out on the inside and on the outside I just wanted to remember how the fuck I got here. I looked around the room and couldn’t help but notice the rats and roaches feasted on the remains trying to get there fill. Seeing this horror I wanted to go back to the way I was asleep. But how could I, the bedding and mattress was socked in human blood.
I shook my head and tried to think about how this might not be real like it could be a dream a very demented dream. I leaned over the bed looking towards the door the only symbol that meant away out. At the time I wasn’t thinking of the rats and roaches crawling on my blooded up feet, but it’s a dream not real I tell myself. I pushed off the bed, I began to walk over to the door but then I felt something pop from under my feel. I stopped in my tracks and looked to the floor looking at my feet. I thought that it might have been a rat or roach at the time. I lifted my foot and looked to see what it was, I gasped and my eyes started to tear up. It was an eye ball I fell to my knees. Crying was the only thing that I thought would keep me sain. Keep me from killing myself from going psycho.
Trying not to pay any attention to the rats and roaches I start to crawl on my hands and knees trying not to disturb the bodily remains left on the floor. I few more feet and I well be out of the crazy sadistic room. Then something stopped me from going any farther to my destination. I felt like a tug on my ankle. I slowly turn to see what it was and I couldn’t believe it. I was chained to something from under the bed. Tears started to well up my eyes and I couldn’t handle it any more I knew know that I wasn’t dreaming. This was real. I sprawled our on the floor on my belly. I didn’t care if the roaches and rats crawled on me or even begun to eat me I already knew that I was either going to die from starvation not thirst.
Over an hour later I woke to something, some kind of noise coming from behind the door. I watched closely as the rusty handle rotated slowly. Could this be it, could someone actually be rescuing me? Or is this my death coming from beyond the door? I closed my eyes and started to pray if there is a god please save me from what is about to happen to me. The door slowly opened and a tall slender man walks throw the door to greet me. I look up at him but I couldn’t see his face. He was dressed in all black he even wore an all black mask to covered his face; I couldn’t see his eyes or even his mouth. There was nothing to see. I looked be hind him before he closed the door I saw something on the wall words written in blood reading it I notice who this person was, it read shadow man. That’s what I called him from that point and only point.
“Shadow man?” I asked him before he came any closer to me.
He slightly nodded his head and kneed down next to me and I could feel him breathing on me. He started to brush the side of my face with his and almost like he was comforting me. I cried more weeping in the hands of some one who might save me.
“Are you going to save me?” I wilted.
I looked up to him trying to see if I was going to get a replay back. I got nothing He just stood up and opened the door again and left me laying on the floor. The door was open and in the hall it was all the same roaches and rats don’t forget the blood it was every where. I was beginning to think that I was in hell. When shadow man came back he was holding something behind his back. He closed the door behind him and as he shut the door I then now what was coming to me. I was going to die. What he pulled out from behind him was a long knife that most people use for gutting animals. I started to beg for my life pleading him not to kill me. That’s when everything went black.

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