The One

The light in your eyes have transported me to another world that was filled with all the elements that I could only dream were possible. Having you here has me exploring places within myself that were buried deep and only you and your devoted judgment can bring them upward and outward. If you only knew the impact of the words you speak. Dreaming of a world where you don't exist instantly transforms them to nightmares. There is no such world that I could ever or would ever want to live in. Climbing to the top of the highest mountain to behold much of the world below would not compare to the beauty you fill me with, and the depths of the ocean's waters are nowhere near as deep as the  compassion I feel from you. You bring forth in me all the valuable qualities that you say I possess. Stating you give me a reason to pursue all the things in life that I now know I deserve is an impossible task. Thanking you however, seems to be the easiest thing I could ever do.

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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