Moments in Time

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Its about a baby being born and....
moments in time.

Submitted: February 11, 2008

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Submitted: February 11, 2008



The mother bakes cookies for her husband. He is out working in the mines while the baby who is not born yet is waiting and waiting. The mother of course is caring for the nursery room when she notices no movement in her belly. Then she looks in the crib, and she notices that this baby is a miracle baby, but what kind of miracle baby. Everyone knows that the messiah has been here already so this baby must be the antichrist.  The mother notices that this baby is a boy, but strange things are happening inside her house like the dogs eyes are bleeding, and she keeps having delusions of this boy becoming very great in this world, and there are so many soldiers in her vision that it seems like waterfalls.

In no time at all, the baby starts to walk and as this child walks....he builds things. When he lays in his bed he looks like a man, and when he gets up he looks like a baby. He is building a fortress around the wall of the house. He dreams of higher things like blackholes that turn into fry pans with chicken cooking on top of them. Candy cane chairs are everywhere around the dinner tables, and they remind Adam (that is what his mom calls him) of ice cream chairs. Because of his love for fruit snacks, Adam makes a fruit snack machine.

When Adam becomes a teenager, he watches the news on an IMAX screen that is 3D without the glasses. Then a Tsunami full of cartoons makes this Adam into a immortal man and this is TA DA!

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