The Radio

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short story about a radio. And radio's message.

Submitted: May 02, 2015

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Submitted: May 02, 2015



At first glance, it looks like an ordinary radio - receiver.

And contains everything that an ordinary radio - receiver must contain.

Speaker, where all kind of news come from, from recession here and there, to all kinds of crisis, 16-years-old kid that threatened with a gun in a school yard, etc., etc.  Speaker whence the sounds, the lovely tunes come,  the one that can make your mornings for better or for worse.

He also had an antenna. Not great, really small antenna, but still strong enough to pick up a signal station from a few kilometers away.

Small enough to fit in a sizeable pocket.

An ordinary radio - receiver.

At first glance.

I found it in the car. Left all alone.

At first I thought that the owner deliberately left it behind. The reason? Dead battery. Maybe. Who knows...

Maybe it's broken.

I mean, I can't hear anything from it.

I tried to turn it on, pressing the ON button, but nothing could be heard. I checked, both batteries were in place they should be. Maybe they are empty?


The radio did not look damaged.

I decide to take it with me. I do not know why, but I took it.

I took the broken radio .

It fits perfectly in my pocket.

But not long after that I realized something that, very soon, will change my life.


It seemed that this radio wasn't broken at all.

First, a small sound that resembles a paper- like someone was tearing a piece of paper.

Light, soft sound. 

Probably it just cannot catch a station, I thought, so I tried to change the station by pressing keys from one to four wich were designated for changing the radio stations. But all I got was the sound of tearing paper. That got a little stronger.

Damn...  What is that omnious sound?

And why the damn thing cannot catch a single station?!

The sound that had just sounded like the sound of tearing paper is now quite louder, stronger, and besides that odd sound, something, like a slow, hairy tarantula, crept inside my mind, something that caused my stomach to growl painfully. And that something was... fear.

Everywhere I turned, the sound would still grew stronger and stronger, which means that it is not a radio station ... Right?

I was turning in all possible directions, trying to figure out from where the sound comes from, but with no result.

 The sound just got stronger and louder by seconds.

The sound of crumpling, tearing  paper ....

I stayed still... I felt...

I could not move ...

At the time when I managed to figure out where that sound is coming from, I also realised that it was late. It was too late...

It was too late because... I was dead.  

That was so stupid, so stupid of me really.

I should have known where that sound is coming from...

But by the time I realised it, I also realised that I am dead, and that my cluched, lifeless body is now lying on the road, a few feet from that car.

Well I'm dead.

I was killed, to be precise.

That... thing killed me. That... I don't even know how to name that... creature that brutally ended my life.

It killed me...

And now, it's feasting over my lefeless body. Draining my life fluids. Sucking it, like a leech would suck on an opened wound.

Ah, it's distguisting. 

And now, I feel that, I musn't leave this place. I can't, even if I wanted to.


It's weird here.

I'm all alone.

The creature is gone.




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