The Unlucky Water Maidens

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Read it for yourself, thats the best summary i can give you.

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011



The Unlucky Water Maidens


A prince of the castle fell in love with one of the handmaidens. The prince many times wanted to tell the handmaiden of his feelings for her and one night he finally did. And at that moment the handmaiden told the prince of her feelings for him as well.

But the vain princess who wanted to marry him became jealous, she wanted to be rid of the handmaiden! So the princess visited an old witch who gave her a potion. When the handmaiden bathed in the lake the princess must pour the potion. The witch told the princess that the potion would transform the handmaiden into a lake naiad.

The handmaiden on one hot night decided to bath in the lake and the princess followed the handmaiden and poured the potion into the lake transforming the handmaiden into a lake naiad. If the handmaiden turned naiad attempts to leave the lake then she will die, because she is now the spirit of the lake...



The prince went on a quest to find a way to turn his beloved handmaiden back into a human being. His search lasted for one year and a day!

Finally he told his tale to an aged wizard in a distant kingdom; the wizard went to a small wooden box and opened it. Inside the box was a ring, the wizard explained that the spell was too strong to turn the handmaiden back into a human being but with this ring she could leave the lake without dying, but she would have to return to the lake every full-moon since the lake needed the life force of a naiad.

The prince thanked the wizard and rode home to his beloved, and soon they were wed. Soon after, the prince vowed to hunt down the one who turned his handmaiden into a naiad, the princess who transformed the handmaiden into a naiad became very nervous and scared. The princess was afraid to be found out! And one night under the cover of darkness rode out to the witches’ home.

The princess told the witch what had happened and that the prince was now questioning those in the kingdom.

The witch, being no fool, knew that the prince might question the princess and tell the prince that it was the witch who poured the potion into the lake!

The princess begged the witch for help and the witch told the princess she would help her solve her problems forever, the witch grabbed a small green bottle and splashed the contents onto the princess, almost instantly the princess became small and resembled that of frog princess from fairytales!

The witch told the ribbiting frog princess that she would live out her days in a pond deep in the enchanted forest. The witch conjured a golden lily pad so that the frog princess would rule over the other frogs and other water creatures, for this would now be her kingdom for a very long time. The witch told the princess that she would have to catch and eat insects in order to survive, but since the princess was now enchanted the insects would taste like fine candies and pastries!

The witch even conjured a golden headband as well, to mark her as a frog princess! The witch did give the princess a warning, if she choose to do so, the princess could break the golden headband and become a real frog!

The witch stole the princess's horse and gold purse and rode away never to be seen again!

Years passed, the princess waited and waited for a prince to come and kiss her and break her enchantment, but no prince came. So one night by a full-moon she broke the headband and was instantly transformed into a real frog and croaked her sorrow at the full-moon as the other frogs joined her.


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