The Ally

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Adrian a young lawyer one day stumbles upon a new street that was never there before. She ventures into the street instead of going home and gets a terrifying surprise. She first believes it was just a bad dream, but she quickly learns that this is no dream and she is in grave danger. Will she be able to get herself out of trouble as she does on a regular basis, or will she soon find death?

Submitted: July 10, 2010

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Submitted: July 10, 2010




I just want to let you all know that before you read this you must understand that this is a story I wrote in the tenth grade as an assignment. There are going to be missing details and the grammar may not be the best. My writing has improved and I right much longer stories now. But before I publish anything else I would like to see how people like this story. Thank you and I hope you all enjoy.


The streets in this city are probably not the safest to walk alone at night, but if you were in my position you would not have any danger. People respect you or fear you because you are different from them or in my case, their lives are in my hands. My name is Adrian Bettancourt I am 26 and I very happy except I do not know what friends are, and I don't know what is is to fall in love. My occupation is an attorney at law and i defened those who cannot be defended for themselves, and I am one of the best lawyers in this city. Welll actually this is who I was, now I know what life is really like. I was awakend and the blind forld was taken off and now I see everything clearly. Love is not the easiest thing in the world to find, and sometimes in death you will find love. This is the story of how I became who I am today.


It is rainy and the whole street is dark all you can see are the streetlights from ahead. You hear the rain pouring down on you and maybe once in a while a bus, but those are rare here. My boots click and splash with every step that I take, my eyeliner smears all over my face. I usually take this roue home and only once was I mugged, but my things were returned when the mugger had found out who I was. This ally is just narrow and there is no where to turn except straight. So all I have to do to get home is walk seven blocks and I am home. The only thing here to scare me is the typical stray cat or dog but today there are no cats anywhere and that is usual becuase there are cats every where. From the corner of my eye I notice a movement. I turn to look at it and I see another ally way that was never there before. I take a step toward the ally......" I wonder what is down there," I say to myself. I suddenly get this gut feeling that I should not venture out of the path thati was taking, but as they say it doesnt hurt to be curious. The ally called my name  and it won me over. There were only a few stepts that I had to take before there was light or movement from cats. After a few blocks  the buildings that were suppose to be there were no longer there and they were being replaced with trees. I felt very uncomfortable and I needed to get out of there. I turned once again and walked faster towards the ally entrance. Footsteps behind me begin and my heart beats faster and faster with each step I took, so I began to run. I drop my bad in a puddle and turn arouned to retrieve it. As I stand from picking up my bag a man in black paler then I, was standing in front of me.

"Just what do you thinkg you are doing here?" he says his voice sounding as familiar as the hiss of a snake. He removes his blonde hair from his face to meet my gaze. "Umm excuse me but I am lost" I say trying to hide the sound of fear in my voice. His balck eyes meet my green eyes and I froze in my place. His eyes were hypnotizing like that of a predatory animal and I felt like prey (in a way). "But of course you are" he smiles and all I see are these pearly white fangs in his mouth. My heat beat races to its full speed. I began to run in the direction he as standing. I quickly pass him and I get a block away from him. "Hello" He appears in front of me and gabs me by the waist. I hear a voice in my head and I fall into his arms as if on command. A sharp pain hits my neck as he pierced my neck with his sharp fangs. the sensation of being lighter than air came to me after a few seconds and I dosed off for a minuet. I try and snap myself out of it and I wake again to find myself still in his arms. I put myself to think really fast and I jammed my elbow into his gut and he releases me from his grip. With my boot I kick his body. The sound of cracking bones came from his gut and I ran to the entrance. I kept running till I reached my apartment. That night I was unable to sleep well and I awoke the next day to go to work. As I left my apartment I noticed a man, he looked like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. He was pale, well, built and had beautiful eyes. I made nothing of it so I smiled at him and I walked away, and as I walked away he smiled back and he had a captivating smile.

The day passes!!!

I clocked out of my wonderful job early I left work at three in the afternoon. As I walked I looked at the brick wall where the ally entrance was last night but there was no sign of it ever being opened in the first place. I kept walking and thought about maybe it was a dream and this was the morning after. I hear a noise ehind me and I look quickly and see the same man from the morning following me. I smiled once again and casually made notghin of it and went my way. I finally reached my home and as I search for my keys, I hear someone coming up the stairs behind me and I continue to look for my keys as if there was no one comming up. The person walking up the stairsfinally reaches the floor I am on and I turn to meet the gaze of Abercrombie guy again. The keys were found and I open my door and enter my apartment. Throught the peek whole I watch the mand and he stays staring at my door and then continues on his way. That night I felt like eating out and I left my house to go eat Chinese food. As I was leaving once again the man was following me, I went up to him and our eyes met.

"Hello can i help you?" I asked in a polite but sarcastic tone. "Not really" he said in a cool tone. "Then why is it that every where I turn you are ther?" I look into his eyes and had a brief feeling of the other night when I looked into the "vampires" eyes. "Well I live here now. I just moved in yesterday and I work on the third floor of your building" he said to me and smiled. "Oh really......What's your name?" I ask in a flirtatious tone. "My name is Jonathan Diaz and yours?" "My Namde is Adrian," I said to him witha smile. "Beautiful name" he said extemely flirty. "Thank you....Umm would you like to join me for dinner since you're new to this city?"

"How do you know I am new to this city?' he asked puzzled face. "Well you are too clean for one, and you gave me your full name." I said truthfully.

"Oh really I guess They don't do that often"

"Yeah it isn't safe in this city" I said with a bit of a laugh.

"Well I guess so," he said smiling. "Alright then lets go." We reached the restaurant and sat in my favorite table. We left and walked home together. He was a very good and decent boy, unlike the delinquents on this side of the city.

The next couple of days we continue to talk to each other and we become friends. The latest news, he kissed me and I think we are now more than friends.

NIghttime: the fourth month of this friendship.

I have finally convinced myself that the other night was a dream and I don't think about it anymore. Today I decided to to walk home alone after working on this case that I don't know how I'm going to be able to help this one person, so I stayed at work late and told Jonathan to leave home without me. I began to walk and a few blocks into my walk i notice the ally way entrance there again. I stare once again into the ally and see nothing but white lights and a foggy street. I kept walking as my gut told me to do , and I ignored the ally. I hear footsteps and turn around to meet emptiness, I turned around to continue my walk home. A whisper passes through the building walls. I look and search but I see nothing. As I face the direction I was heading I see a dark figure.

"Hello......." I get no response as the figure walked towards me.

"Hello I am speaking to you" a moment of silence and a fog passes by and the human shaped figure appeared infront of me.

"Hello Adrian" I turn and behind me was the man or "vampire" that had attacked me in my "dream". My heart begins to race.

"Who are youand how do you know my name?" I say holding back the urge to scream for help. "My name is Evander and I know your name because I am a vampire  and I can read your thoughts," he says as he approaches me. I take a few staps back and hold in the screams that I had the urge to set free. "And you know youre little friend Jonathan?...His name is Alexander and he is a young vampire...young but a vampire non the less" he said walking towards me.

"NO...NO...NO he is not he is a humand and he is perfectly normal and you and this ally is figment of my imagination" I take steps back not taking my eyes off of "Evander". "Really that's nice, then how is it that i can do this?" I hear a voice in my head and i walk to him as if i were a dog on command.

"See this is not a dream Adrian" He holds me close to his body.

"You have no heart beat" I said with fear.

"Yes and neither does Alexander" he chuckles.

"NO YES HE DOES! HE'S HUMAN!" I scream in his face.

"NO he is not and you too met because he needed to kill you. That other night you saw too much and you needed to be dealt with, so we sent hiim in to kill you, but apparently you grew on him and he refuses to do so....So I will do if for him" he kissses me and I punched him in the head.

"Leave me be" I screamed and kicked him and did all I could to get away from hiim.

"Oh stop fighting this is the end of your life so stop fighting take it as it is... I promise it won't hurt" he said menacingly.

"No..Lea-" a whisper reaches my mind and I fell asleep.

Hours or maybe even days pass.

I feel a sweet taste in my mouth that is so familiar, I felt the urge that I needed it...I needed it so bad. It felt as if life was entering my body. I awoke several minuets later in a dark room, I had the biggest head ache. At first I could not see anything and then my eyes adjusted and I was able to see Jonathan sitting ona couch facing the window. He was staring outside with a concerned face on, he watched each raindrop hit the window. I moaned in agony as I took in a breath, after noticing I was not breathing. It was the most terrible pain you can ever feel. I continued to breath in and every breath hurt as equally as the next. Johanthan came to my bedside and kissed me fourhead. I felt a tear drop fall upon my cheek.

"Thank god" he picked me up and held me in his arms.

"What happened to me? I was attacked by someone named Evander and now I'm here" I continued to draw small breaths and held my ribs, trying to make the pain go away.

"Yes I know...Adrian...."I looked up at him as he said my name with a sadden tone.

"Yes?" I said in pain.

"You died..."

"What do you mean?...I am here talking to you" I said to him confused.

"Yes but you are are a vampire" he said holding me in his arms.

"Wait how?"

"I turned are now a fledling and you need to feed. I brought one of my human donors here so you can feed" he said comforthingly.

"What do you mean I can't do that......"

"Kassandra come" a girl came to my bed side and bare her wrist to my lips.

"NO....NO I won't" and without notice a captivating scent hit my nose and my K9 teeth grew and the girl purposely pushed her writ to my teeth, and I latched on. "Kassandra you know when to pull away" the girl knods.

"Do not let her leave" Jonathan tells the girl and he leaves the room. There was this feeling of so much energy entering my body that I just could not resist it. The girl tries to pull away but for some reason I refused to let her do so and I continued to feed. She pulls harder and harder, she reaches for my head and tries to push away but fails. All of the sudden I have this girls mind implanted in mine and I see different pictures and all of the sudden I command her to sleep and she does so. Her life begins to flash before my eyes. Every single memory that she had apsses me, every scent, every feeling she had, I felt. After a while the movie clip of her life begins to fade and her heartbeat slows down and eventually stops. I woke from the trans I was in and I looked around to see nothing but the dark and the rain hitting the window. I thought about Jonathan and all of the sudden I appeared in a club. The music had come to a stop and every one was watching a commotion that had been going on below on the dance floor. I look down and see Jonathan screaming at this so calle Evander.

" Why did you kill her? She was convinced that is was a dream and she was slowly forgetting about the whole ordeal with you" Jonathan circled around Evander like a predator sizing up its oponent. Then I noticed these colors surrounding the both of them and Evander flew and crashed into the wall when Jonathans dark purple color had lunged into Evanders dark blue color. "She still needed to be dealt with, she saw too much" Evander's color collided with Jonathans but Jonathan only stumbled back.

"You had no right! I warned you not to touch her" once again Jonathans color lunged into Evander's and Evander flew back landing on the other side of the dance floor.

"What is with you she is only a human...Oh no don't tell me you fell in love? How cute is that a vampire and a human...Hahahahahahahahahaha" he looked up and Jonathan and disapeard, only to re-appear behind Jonathan. He grabbed Jonathan by the neck and took a bite. Jonathan then elbowed Evander and Evander let go of his grip. Jonathan looked inot his eyes and kicked him in the face. Blood scattered everywhere, Evander's skin had flown across the room and the bones in his face were exposed. He got up and kicked Jonathan in the leg and punched his face. Jonathan's color lunged into Evander's and completely took over. Evander's face had recuperated and looked as if nothing had happend to it. Jonathan disapeared and re-appeared behind evander grabbing him by the neck.

"She is no longer human" Jonathan said to him aloud and took a chunk of evanders neck off and let him go. Evander held his neck as the blood gushed out.

"You know you can't kill me Alexander,"he said as his neck began to put itself back together. Jonathan's body started to change form and before you knew it he turned into a leopard, his favorite animal. The leopard lunged at Evander and bit of the other side of Evander's neck. Evander's head rolled onto the floor and the leopard watched as the body flopped around without its main source of control. When the body stopped moving the leopard pawed the body to make sure it was dead and the leopards body fromed back into Jonathan. He looked at the body and the looked up at me and smiled. I thought of being next to him and I appeared at his side.

"What was all that about?" I asked.

"Well...This is or was Evander and vampiric law states that if a human sees too much of our world they are to be killed and I decided not to and claim you as my territory because I.........fell in love"he looked into my eyes,"and I had told him and all others to make sure not to harm you, but he refused to listen and decided to take your life so I took his in return" I reached up to him and kissed him.

"I have never felt what this was for anyone before.....I love you too" I said as i smiled at him."You know I was thinking...since I am dead with a death to live I should re name myslef" I said with a shy tone.

"Well you do have to choose  a new name" Jonathan chuckled as he bruch his finger on my cheek and held me. "What name have you chosen?"

"Giselle" I smiled.

"That's a beautiful name" we look into each others eyes and kiss.

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