Dying because of love character profiling and pictures

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These are the ideal characters and people of dying bacause of love, hope you enjoy and choose your fave out of the choices for the character>< Mwa hahaha, i am so evil..

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



My first choice for Nathaniel Vanders.

Nathaniel Vanders:

  1. Hot, smoking guy that is also beautiful, makes women a run for the money
  2. A jerk attitude like all guys, mostly
  3. Rich and famous
  4. Vampire, werewolf, warlock, witch?????? Guess!!!!
  5. did i mention HOT????!!!!

\"\" Nathaniel one

\"\" nathaniel two

\"\" nathaniel three





Now for my Lucinda><


\"\" Lucinda one


\"\" Lucinda two

\"\" Lucinda three




These are only the main characters yet...... Choose who a=you want and they will be my characters






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