The Beauty that Music Possesses

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A poem about music.

Submitted: May 29, 2012

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Submitted: May 29, 2012





Keep me movin’, don’t let it stop,

Make that treble jump and let the bass drop


Slap that guitar, keep the voice thick,

 Get into my brain and make it stick!


I listen every day; I like it my way,

When that music means somethin’, then there’s somethin’ to say


It starts with a sound, then it’s all around

The heads start shakin’ the feet leave from the ground


The hands start clappin’, ‘cause it’s music that we’re makin’;

It’s all original, no copyin’ or takin’


Some songs go on to the break of dawn,

Some short and sweet like a bird’s tweet tweet




But as long as it goes, I’ll keep movin’ my feet,

Take the party out onto the street


‘Cause my mind goes out and my body comes in

The music hits my soul and I crack a wide grin


The bass gets deeper like you goin’ in a sleeper

But then I bring you back up like the high beams on my truck


It don’t matter if it’s fast or slow,

‘cause our words run heavy, they ain’t just for show, no!


So I guess what we’re ‘tryin to say,

is that music is the key to life and its ways


So take a break, fly way;

Drift into the music ‘cause it’s here to stay



© Copyright 2018 Elijah Jones. All rights reserved.

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