the witch

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is a prequal to the story that i have written before titled the witch: the mystery on black tide

Submitted: March 26, 2019

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Submitted: March 26, 2019




Once upon a time, there was a house in the woods and in that house, there was a witch and she had red eyes and a black cat. Some say that she could take the souls of the people who wronged her and she would keep them in a bottle. If you ever find her little house in the woods steer clear because she could tempt anyone with just one look




In The Woods

I was just a scared little girl and then I went on a walk in the woods.  I saw this tree and carved on it was a hand so I put mine on it. Then the tree erupted out of no sudden sight of day. I woke up and I was in this place with dead trees all around it. Sooner or later, a man on fire came out of the tree like a ghostly spirit. He said in a deep voice,

“step forward”. When I stepped forward he said, I did but when I did so his voice screeched. It begins to walk towards me, heavy footsteps carrying warm wind drifts towards me with a really angry look on his face.


 The man says a sad lonely voice.

The man then fell on the floor turning the whole ground into ice.

“ I miss my love”

“ I just want her back”. he cried.

“I miss her what does he mean I miss her?” I thought

Then he gave me a ghastly look.

“Why have you come here?”

“Did you come here to stare...LEAVE NOW !!!”

“Can you just leave me in peace.”

“ANSWER ME” he cried.

“Who do you miss?”  I answered

“My wife Alzora…she was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“ Why what happened to your relationship with Alzora?”

“ and...How can I help.” I told this helpless man.

“You will learn about my wife during the demon trials”


Chapter: 2

The Demon Trials

“Here before you leave to take this potion it will turn you older so you can accomplish the  Demon Trials,” The man said then he disappeared into thin air.

“Ok...I guess I have to do this if I want to ever return to normal” I reminded myself and then suddenly fell asleep and when I woke up my skin was even than ever. I ventured off into the woods and my heart started to pound. It grew louder and louder and then I saw a black cloud cover the sky and in that were red glowing eyes. A hand reached out.


“TIME IS RUNNING OUT,” the cloud said as he dropped a crystal and I thought it was going to hit me but it floated above me. It had a timer and It showed I had 120 hours left. The crystal had shown the man’s wife Alzora she was running in the woods from him and then I heard moaning. I went to go explore the sound and there in the middle of the woods a door that seemed to be detached so I opened it and Inside a giant sign that said stage one.

“HELLO,” I asked

“COME IN IF YOU DARE” a monster like voice said

“Who are you and where am I, “ I asked

“I AM THE STRANGE ONE,”  the voice said

“Why are you here in this place,” I asked again


“I am running out of time so you  need to start me with the demon trials,” I said

“OK THEN I SHALL START YOU IN THE DEMON TRIALS,” the voice said and then we disappeared into smoke you need to get that ball of light. It is just enough to give you the powers of The Witch.

“Who me a Witch,” I asked

“YES.,” the voice said





Chapter:3 The beginning


This place is creepy I thought in my head and then I realized the voice was gone it left me in this I saw a woman that was frozen, it was just getting to sunrise, and I realized it was her… Alzora lGOWdFs8lwo5zRAs2iSQoc5xljmr5gDNGmR_tsAI

I had to help her and then I red light started to burst out of her when I touched her and I had a flashback and in that flashback, I saw this man and he was trying to catch her and when he did he froze her, and then I was back.  My skin grew darker and my heart grew happier I seemed to suddenly like pain and I left her there to freeze and soon my eyes turned blood red. I walked away and once the moon came out I felt power beyond imagination and then it hit me that ball of light that age potion this is all to make the switch and the power shot out of my hand like a blazing fire.


My heart had felt like a rock and my soul was crushed I had no meaning in life. Just then My heart started to race and boom I fell to the ground and It was as if I had been shot by an arrow or maybe blasted by lightning and when I got up, it was there and I don’t know how but I felt like I was connected to this beast



The home


The beast took me into the wood deeper and deeper and all of a sudden a flash of light came out of nowhere and it startled the beast showing its true form. It was an evil spirit that could transform itself and then it turned to the beast but this time it looked me in a different way and it tried to kill me so I use this “new power” to stop it.  I didn’t realize how powerful it was and I killed the beast and the spirit let out a shriek and it was gone.yBs65e89jJuOQ3LU18RviBH0Ruokt-76qRHJhpNT

I don’t know why but this thing I felt sad for and after I was done killing this beast, I fell to my knees and started to cry so hard that the birds themselves got scared and flew off. When I was finished I tried to  bring it back to life but I could only kill

“What have I done?” I said aloud under my breath I ran deeper and deeper into the woods until I reached this house. It was old and broken down but when I was there I had this feeling that something was there and when I got closer. It grew stronger so I went in

“Hello, is anyone in here?” nobody answered my call so I ventured on in what I didn’t see was the hole in the floor and when I looked down I saw I was walking on nothing which startled me.  It started to rain heavily and I got soaked, that heavy rain dragged me down that I stopped floating I fell. When I got to the bottom I saw this music box it was beautiful and enchanting at the same time.

I opened the box and it all hit me, why he was after her and he really wasn’t chasing her he was running with her from………..Me.  I stood in my place and thought how was I chasing them. After I saw this under was an amulet and once I touched it I went back in time. The beast was my pet and the man on fire was hurting it only because it destroyed a village. I felt a vengeance in my heart and wanted to kill him so I started to run after him…  I saw his wife Alzora and once I got a hold of him he lit on fire and grabbed his wife then froze her.

He was so upset everything went up in a blaze around us and then I came back to the present day.  There right in front of me was him and his wife so I screamed

“YOU KILLED HIM SO I WILL KILL YOU!!!” and then I started sucking the souls out of him and his wife.  After that their spirits flew away but now that I got a taste of souls I wanted more so I moved out of the woods and into the city of San Degio.  Until I find more humans worthy of me taking their soul I stood there in San Degio in a house on the beach that the shore washed up on and eroded the walls…..





© Copyright 2020 Elijah Lua. All rights reserved.

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