A period of three short verses

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I'm medicated

Submitted: December 20, 2007

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Submitted: December 20, 2007



Don't stop
i'm in a casual comfort
little girl.
I'm medicated.
I'm reborn.
Just tell me when to remember that i'm just
in a temporary state of
numb worship and calm rejoices;
Shall I be your saviour?

katie you've never been a good little girl.
Your eyes of leather thorns and the hair that grows out of the
sprouts from under your Jeans tells me
that you're a big girl now.
Your scent - the perect drug
takes us to the tree of primal favors.
Norishment, but nothing more.

Your face
of ornamental rubber-foam
that now crumbles everytime i wipe
those pours of yours.
Remind me why i ever loved you
because i'm having a hard time believing
that we were ever lovers.

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