Desecrate Peer

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For the benefit of those who don't understand: Ciao is a poem about a friendship. 'Gagne' the narrator tells us a story about how he saw this boy called Drew and him being constantly jealous of his beauty and features, but never has he approached him, until they met at the bus stop. After that meeting it turned out that they were in the same lessons as each other, as the new school year had started. Gagne wasn't happy about this, so consciously Gagne decided to tell him about the beauty of sex and all girls in the world were made to give the men that satisfaction with or without their consent, for the reasons of manipulation and vuneralbility. But Drew didn't like the idea nor was he aware of the reasons. Ciao is very much a metaphor to all that is done around me.

Submitted: November 28, 2007

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Submitted: November 28, 2007



In between the blooms,
In between the flawless and the bruised.
In between the blooms, there stands a friend.
His flying between the stars on his painted paper-plane
And I was just a thing molded round to fit my surrounding
Altering like a clay… or removed.
So this is my friend,
The one who evolved beyond feeling,
Maybe like a God or a should.

Here he comes again
Fixing the street of the broken,
Flushing around the hole of morning stains.
Oh how much beauty of the lock dashed around with razor haze.
Comb, tape, drawers
Little things, how they’re just items,
How I adore the face of likely fools.

Smile, Smile, Smile

I watch the sun gently fall,
Slowly appealing the damned and the lonely BUT my
Satisfaction never adapted the comfort of smiles.
(and I was) just seating on a bench.
Seating! Forever stayed.
Oh here he comes, that kid, the one I still humor entitling a ‘friend’
BUT… those eyes deserve me…
He threw himself for an unpleasant seating.
I bit my lips, ready to speak on a violent note from a virgin tongue,
“Certainly greetings, Sir” I bitterly laughed
Where my opinions was just a half/ modeling my sighs and taunts under my tainted lies.
“Same to you” he shies fully replied, and nothing more.
Wrinkled my facial expressions became as he insulted I with his facial
Fame his features becoming almost ----- intimidating.
“How old is such as you” I said
“Fourteen” he spoke; stroking his youthful skin.
I was at the age, beyond the years of fourteen but
Still battling the days of creative sin.
He opened up his breath of a delicate speaking:-----------
He had the nerve to ask my name.
‘Gagne’ I spoke, or so I claimed.
He then told me his name; at least I’ve something to call,
Than a ‘friend’
Drew it was.
But I had no time to put this ****ing conversation to a tight conclusion because
To my sense, here comes the bus.

I was back at school
To the start of my senior years
And I was at the tail of again meeting Drew.
Maybe I’ve matured?
Maybe I’ve matured since our last encounter?
Maybe I’ve matured to a man?
But how can I escape his view after the gathering of his upsetting presents of same lectures?
I was at the tide of missing another one of my favorite lessons: The academic of (drowning your own best friends)
But that was not the case, nor did it include the concept of drowning nor the in confidence of last request:
Oh, the modern loathe of gym.

Here again Drew
A desecrate peer as I like to call
Clothing himself as he abundant the stranger, he once was.
Meanwhile throwing his gym bag blindly colliding the floor.
As usual he approached me; as a cause of previous encounter
Tucked with a smile on the wrong idea
But somehow, I didn’t seem to care.
I was brave enough to supply the first words,
“Oh my God it’s you.” I painfully spoke as intimidation still occurred;
Our face was parallel we facially canceled each other
As his was straight and mine was dropped.
“hey wow twice in one day --- strange enough dude in four years of education in this school not once have we spoke till today.”
…“So you seekth the strange ways of today
Oh how two grays finally canceled each other
Or how two peers
To be found my each other.
Don’t you see how a lustful breast such as I can call you my friend”
“Breast?” In disgust, he replied; he paternally took two steps backwards away from me.
“Oh come on just a little joke.”
“Steady humor but crosses the line of ones step ------ literally”
“One shouldn’t be disturbed by the sorrow of natures call on ones ears or another phone.”
“Ok…” another agreement he again ‘unfold’
“Monogamy doesn’t split the continuation of numbers but one life doesn’t equal one love.”
Certain pause drowned the air; certain confusion frowned the stare,
“The **** are you talkin’ about?”
“Why settle for relationship while girls model for the single satisfaction of a gentleman’s touch”
“What… you speak like you don’t know.”
“But I don’t know.”
“You shouldn’t cloth yourself with the feathers of so little knowledge of how to go, but should
Carry yourself with the understanding of the needs of adultery ----- adult as you’re”
“I’m only fourteen”
“Yes I know, a young one was already what it is already before the becoming.”
Drew became more and more concerned about the conversation unaware of the noise that cawed beside him;
I had him where I wanted.
“Now do you understand?”
I crunched my hand desperately attempting to strike my frustration, tightly hiding behind the mask of both worlds.
“You should slither away from the God given curse that forever dressed your flesh and hidth you in the day that the sun
Dear shines no virgin.”
“But a virgin might be what I want to be.”
“Look, who do you think you are? Do you think you're some type of King?
Do you think you're Jesus?
Even the pope regrets the ignorance of a virgin mind… are you ignorant?"
“I don’t know,
But now I know that I should have never have spoken to you, you monster… you wouldn’t know."
Drew stepped away from me; I tried to bring that boy Joy, Happiness. But all I could question was if it was the right choice
Or the adding of another foolish mistake?

© Copyright 2018 ElijahGagne. All rights reserved.

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