Fred wouldn't be back untill he comes back with Respect

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Submitted: December 18, 2007

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Submitted: December 18, 2007



A basket full of wool and i think we might be going somewhere with this.
The carers are strained because the curled vessal will not remain here for long.
I'll knit you a curtain of corn and i'll stretch it across the sea of...
Velvet stoves and magenta doves
my papa never loved me
and the water that bath'd me never tasted sweet
in the eyes of a broken man...
But who is this broken man i hear you say.
I'll tell you this much he's nothing but a man.
and if this man, this broken man, could piss on my cup
and then call it wine
who's to complain? Not me.

My name is Fred.
Let me complete the circle of the infinite
my left side has always been odd.
Just tell me when i'm close to the meaning
when i'm close to expanding into the next circle.

Medical, medical, medical.
An empty house.
Two holes.
Let me lay here.
Let me sleep...
in a space-time continuum.

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