Number, number, weight, division

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Any more than a mere man can

Submitted: January 31, 2008

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Submitted: January 31, 2008



With the golden bowl the concubines shall surely drink tonight
all eyes fixed with prosperity and the finest plates;
the wives shall eat tonight.
in the hall i present to you servants, governors and noblemen
that our gods wouldn't let decrease but increase instead
let time become my increase and all the oppose torn limb to limb because I'm


Tell me what you've and it will be numbered
and it's by that, that you'll be kicked out of society
and stroked by your lovers, lovers of treachery
thrown away told to meet another city by then you would've known
that your kingdom is numbered.

'The dew tastes like wine at night'.


You weigh too little
i advise you to kill all your chefs
and higher lepers instead
drive away your fortunetellers
as they steal far too many apples
from your kingdom that has been blessed by the lord;
but while you go leave behind the golden throne and purple robes.


Lets resume, many new nations will arise
from the broken remains of your empire
with a golden head, silver chest, bronze arms
and legs made from iron and clay
just watch him dissolve as that stone rolls over thee
on the day a new empire establishes which couldn't be shaken any more
than a mere man can.

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