The Adventure of Fred Temple

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Submitted: December 02, 2007

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Submitted: December 02, 2007



I’m riding a wing of a prayer touched by an angel.
Maybe God might just hear my voice
Covered with joy.
“I’m coming to heaven.”
Life’s full of pain
And every time we fall
The breath of laughter is the first to know.

But that’s only the beginning.

And the evil baits to my soul.
And wraps His palm on the hold.
I try to lope but the closest I ever came was (TRY)

Devil: His lies burns with temptation.

Me: The smoke suffocates my sorrow.

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The Adventures Of Fred Temple

The road to heaven began when the pen complex with this notebook.

Fred-Heart of a holy hen, Conscious of a child. His hair is as dark as a rainbow’s shadow.
His height is as high as a glaze of an imagination.
His feet have tasted a thousand blisters.

His hands touched on a bible, James: 2,20, Fred always wondered how it feels to be God.
He continues to read.
Suddenly he takes his two fingers and wipes his sweat.
But Every Sweat wiped multiplied to a plague shaped as a Spot.
The plague (Spot) started spreading like an outbreak of warmth burning ones skin quite rapidly.
“Help! ” he cried.
But no one could hear him but the next-door neighbour screaming “Shut Up.”
Fred suddenly started choking like a fog suffocating his will.
Fred’s skin started to turn pale.
His eyes started to gleam bright red.
COLLAPSE! Fred fainted on his bed.
And not a single gasp of air has been breath:
He might be dead!

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“Hello Fred”
“Who… who are you? ”
“Who you think I’m, I’m God.”
“GG… GG… God! I never thought you were a cat”
“I’m not, just a form.”
“I must be dead Then.” Fred cried.
“Not quite” God smirked while meowing “This is just a dream.
I got something to tell you, tomorrow your going to write a song, I want you to broadcast that song on what you call ‘TV’
“How do you know I’ll? ” Fred asked hesitantly while forgetting his God.
“I guess I’ve been eating my vitamins. The reason why I couldn’t tell you on earth is because the devils are watching your every move and I couldn’t afford them to ruin this plan.”
“Ok God.”
“When you wake up you’ll be laying on an hospital bed. Today’s the day when you wake up. Now Fred ARISE! ”

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“Fred, Fred” Fred’s mom whispered to his ear as a desperation for him to wakeup.
Fred has been in the hospital for a week and no sudden move from him since his been there, a week and two days.
Suddenly as if it was a miracle Fred slowly, but surely, started to open his eyes.
“M-O-M” Fred said with a bad voice.
You could tell that was his first physical communication in a week or so.
And you can the sense of joy and a rest of conscious from Fred’s Mom:
She thought he was going to die.
“Wow your awake.” The doctor gasped, “Our research said you wouldn’t wake up for another ten days.”
“Goes to show you, you shouldn’t put your money on an stupid research.” She said while whipping the tears off her eyes.
“You had us worried there.” Said Fred’s Dad.
But Fred Couldn’t reply because of the plague.
“I’m not trying to be rude but I think you guys should leave so Fred can rest. Tomorrow you guys can come again ok? ”
“Ok” said Fred’s Mom and Dad.
Fred’s Mom then gave Fred a kiss and told Fred that everything would be ok in the grace of God.

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Five o’clock strike the clock.
Fred was still awake and couldn’t feel anything but a vibration: Today’s the day.
Suddenly a strong force hits Fred’s head then arms the fingers on till it hit everywhere from head to toe.
Fred started to cure and the spots started to disappear one by one.
It has finally come the sick has become the cured.
“Doctor, Doctor”
Fred called while jumping like rust never touched.
The doctor ran to Fred’s hospital room thinking something bad had happened.
“Fr… Fred” The doctor said while taking a first sight at new Fred
“You… Your walking, how are you walking? ” The doctor asked while pinching himself checking if his awake.
“God must have done this” Fred whispered to himself.


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