The hero of Switzerland

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So tell me
Am i for real?

Submitted: December 30, 2007

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Submitted: December 30, 2007



I'm suppose to be writing a ballad
but i'm not in the running.
I'm just ne'r Dallas watching twenty people or something
lying at best.
Like two Democrats and a Messiah;
with an anti-christ necklace dangling down his chest.
Call it hypocrite or just plain stupid;
Wings on a devil doesn't make him useless.
I'm in the industry of faded ministries
just try not to forget who the boss is.
That fine line around your neck,
don't forget not to cross it.

You're weak little man
but not me
because i'm the MVP
and God wouldn't let me forget it.

I'm going to write you a song my love
because i'm the Jimmi Hendrix of the Ukelele
but i wouldn't sing even if you paid me!
I only speak the truth
and you can even hear this outta the mouth of the Italian Monarch.
Don't doubt it.
You don't want to get me started-the power of God is making me speak in tongue.

I've got no money in the bank just more problems.
I can't drink from the tank,
I can't swallow thanks
if i can't take from my own pocket because someone
blocked 'em.
'No more IOUs if you learn to pay your dues'.
They wouldn't stop until they see my bones.
You'll be wearing your suit
i'll be wearing a skirt.
You'll eat your food
and i'll say 'it's all good'.
It's a simple precedure
that no one needs to tell ya
like black and white
and first and last.
And no heat-and i know it's getting cold in here.
Let it rain on the dawn of winter land.
Let my lungs not stop beathing.
'Nurse what did you do to JB?'
Yo, and i wouldn't sing even if you paid me!
Weight tells me that i'm not going to last too long
in this world.
But i don't care because i'm a rapper going on bankrupt.

So tell me
Am i for real?
Am i the better of the players?
Does my rap make you fly?
Did my songs save your life?
Don't answer!
just listen...
if a goose came lose
with its painted wings
and with its beaks made out of sticks
neither scratches the coverings of anomalies
nor eats from my meat
would you worry?
I doubt it
you never were a wise man.
You're shameless;
full of emotions that doesn't exist.
But don't worry
just, just try to admit that i'm not for games
but even that's too hard for you isn't it James.

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