Set Up

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A mysterious man is enacting a horrible torture on a woman. Why it is the case is unknown.

Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018




She’s strung up, a small woman no more than five foot tall. Skin ripped back revealing a bloody mess of organs and entrails on the inside. The body is dripping and oozing blood from all orifices and the muscles that remain. The intestines are used to string back the woman, they are attached to multiple points on the wall by arrows. Looking closer at the table to the left there is a face, it is a face that seems familiar. It’s carefully cut off for an unknown reason, still fresh it seems and the sallow skin still has a living glow to it, slightly warm to the touch too. Her hair, covered in blood and sinews, is black it is believed but it is hard to make out under the grime. It is also harshly pulled back and to the point of it nearly being pulled out and clearly strained. Tendons from the arms are stretched around hooks in the walls, there are several, most have barbs on them. Multiple jagged hooks are plunged in to her flesh, they are driven deep, too deep to take out easily especially given the ridged nature. There’s... seven, maybe eight such hooks all in the back down the thighs as well, the poor lighting makes it harsh to see. The eyes are brown? They are dangling out, flies pick at the back end that is revealed to the air, the blood oozing out the pin holes created by the vile creatures. In fact, flies are everywhere gorging themselves on the woman without a care of her being alive.

The man, dressed in black with a raven’s mask on comes close to where her ear should be, “You’re a good play thing... thank you”, he rasped. With that he plunges his hand inside the woman and pulls out something, it’s undesirable to him it seems as he tosses it on the table. The table is covered in body parts, probably from other subjects possibly this one, it’s hard to tell who knows what this ‘man’ is capable of. At another table a syringe is placed, a yellow liquid is in it. He jabs the woman in the neck with it and forces the liquid in and it all fades to black...

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