Deadly Bet

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Submitted: March 21, 2016

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Submitted: March 21, 2016




Violet, Oli and I were all standing on the staircase which was one of the most monumental parts of the chateau. We all sworn we would make it out alive from this place. The most beautiful but also haunted Chateau de Belleforte located just few miles away from Albany in a small city called Roscoe. We did read the books and we did hear all the bloody rumors and inexplicable deaths. Yet, there was nothing that could stop us from proving the point.

You wonder, proving to who? Our parents? Some loony sect? No. Our teacher? No. Not even our significant others.  My boyfriend Jay doesn´t even know about this. He would lash out and so I told him I was just going to hang out with my pals. I wish I stayed at home with him watching one of his favorite but boring shows on Netflix.  I don´t want to bring him the pain seeing my name on the local news connected with another inexplicable tragedy in the Belleforte chateau. He was already understanding enough as far as my researches were concerned. Man, he even stayed out all night during one of the coldest nights in New York. Well, enough about my flaunting.

 The person we were trying to prove this stupid point was a leader of our group. The ever so incorrigible nerd, mama´s boy and God knows what else Alex. Someone, who was not even part of this night. Guess he was better off without us.  Maybe he is laughing behind our back and writing about this in his fucking blog, that no one reads, some even mocks. Guess he is the one trying to prove the point. Is our death going to bring him more readers? Is he capable of this just to become visible? One never knows.

The marble on the stairs were shining. That was also the only light in the chateau.  This place used to belong to a very powerful family and even more powerful British princess named Karlie De Belleforte. She was wicked, proud and cruel. She was murdered here by one of her lovers in 1759. It was believed her restless spirit was haunting this place.  




Oli looked out of the window that was somehow beautifully misted.  I could see small snowflakes flying around as if this was the most magical night of our lives.

“Can you feel that chill guys? “ I broke the silence.

 “Yeah, what the hell is it? Isn’t cold the sign of ghosts?” Oli burst out laughing.  

“Don´t be ridiculous. You believe it too now?” Violet teased me.

“Sure not. Just wanted to freak you out little bit. You know. Make it a bit more heated here.” “Ha ha, very funny, Oli.” Violet bumped Oli into his hip and kissed him.

I wasn´t that relaxed. I felt so weird like I have never felt n my entire life.

 You might find it strange, maybe even cheesy, but ghosts did attract me and vice versa. There was something about them that I couldn’t let go. Karlie De Belleforte, however, made me feel crept out. Like it just wasn’t worth the risk. But once you make a bet, there is no way out.  Will I regret my decision to observe this place and find out more about this mysterious woman that killed but also made love to tens of men and women?  Someone who sacrificed her entire family to built an army? How can you stand against such woman? Dead or alive. Death is what made her invincible. She finally had nothing to lose. She wasn´t looking for peace. She was the opposite of it.

The windows suddenly froze even more and a message became visible on the window glass. First it was not legible but after a while we could all see the deadly message that made us wish we never entered the gate to this hell. The message was clear.

This is your last night on earth. You can run but you´ll never escape.

What made Karlie De Belleforte this vengeful? What victims are we? So many murders here were reported as suicides, some of them accidents. They even tried animal attacks. The deaths varied. Some people “fell of the roof”; some “hung themselves” from that magnificent chandelier from the 14th century and some were drained of blood. So yes, it all looked like suicides. No one paid attention to it. No one thought something so horrific was out there. No one was seeking such clear danger. Even if they didn´t believe it and they would just visit this place to take photos and brag about it to their gossipy neighbors.

 She was suddenly everywhere and nowhere at the same time. We felt the cold in our veins.  The lights in the chandelier started to flicker and we heard a muted but sharp siren-like scream.  Violet nearly fell off the stairs she was previously glued to.

“We are not going to make it alive are we Chloe? “ Violet tried to drown out the scream.

“That´s up to us, not her.”  I said it with a calm voice, but I was shaking inside. I had no idea what to do at that moment. Running was meaningless. It would make her even more furious.”

Oli screamed as Karlie´s evil laugh was travelling through the corridors.

Suddenly Oli yelled again. “No! What the hell, is this?!” What we saw on Oli´s face startled us. His eyes were bleeding. It was not blood though. It was black.

“It is ok Oli! We will find a way.” My calming wasn’t very successful.

 I ran into the hallway.” I know you are here, Karlie. If you want to play with us, so be it. But let’s make it fair. No one has to die tonight.” Suddenly we could finally hear Karlie´s voice.

“Cold, cold hearts on a cold, cold floor. Bring me love, bring me warmth.” 

It sounded like some sort of riddle.

It felt like we were caught in the polar circle. The wind was getting stronger and the curtains were flying.  Bring me love bring me warmth. This sentence echoed through the walls. Did she want to kill another man?

“I am out of this place.” Violet cried with pain.

“No! Violet! You can´t. “

“Who´s going to stop me?” Suddenly she was flying in the air like a paper plane. The routine of Karlie de Belleforte was severe and twisted- first she played with her victims till they were all just ready to give up or give in and then she kills them leaving the torso intact like a doll. Just like that.

You probably wonder how could I know all of this and still be this stupid and be in the middle of it. The truth is, she is my ancestor. My great-great-great-great-grandmother. Sick, right?  To me it is one more reason to not give up.


“Violet, Violet, I was just beginning. How could you be so mean to me?”  Her melodic, cold voice was playing with our minds. Violet´s voice on the other hand was quiet and begging. She was floating in the air. “Why are you doing this to me? “ “Oh, sweetheart, if I told you, it would no longer be fun. Would it, Chloe?” I wasn’t capable of a straight answer.

I was chained to the wall with no chance to move. She was observing me like I was an alien.  She knew about us being related.

The aura around Karlie was darker than anything I have ever seen. Her eyes were red and shiny. “I believe you came to meet me in person, isn´t that true, Chloe?”

“Yes, I did.” “How irresponsible of you to get your friends involved. You really don´t think I am just going to let them be, do you?” You don´t have to do this. “Well, of course I do.  You, my dear, are the only person in this whole world, who knows it. Am I that hard to resist?” She laughed again.

Karlie pointed her finger on my forehead and she made a movement downwards. I screamed with pain as a long thin gash began to appear.  Then Karlie waved her skinny ghostly hand as Violet fell on the wooden floor.

She waved again and from the top of the stairs we could see strange movement. What we saw than was out of this world. An army of zombie-like shadowy creatures with rifles and other kinds of weapons in their hands. “I thought I would show you my friends. They´ll do what I say. They are my subjects. Get em boys!” She yelled at them as if she owned them.


After few minutes we were under an attack from faceless creatures. I don´t how many of them were there. The knives were sharp. They felt like ice. “Enough boys!” Karlie yelled at them again. They disappeared. Like they had never even been there. All I felt was sharp pain all over my body. They stabbed us. Was she going to let us bleed out? Will that be another “suicide”? She probably found it romantic. In her own twisted kind of way.

Violet was strong. She got off the floor and she screamed at Karlie. “You are not going to get away with this, you twisted bitch.”

She shook her head. “Oh, please. This language is not necessary.  I have a surprise for you. I believe you will like it.”

 “What is she talking about?”Oli was scared.  I shrugged my shoulders.

Karlie snapped her bony finger. Suddenly Violet was gone.

”Violet? Violet? Where the hell did you put her?”

“I just made her my guest of honor, Chloe. I call it the room of terror. The room is the only lit one in this property. I know everything about you. I know your secrets and your fears.”

“She is not going to last long Oli. She is claustrophobic. This is a whole new level. It is like she knows our weaknesses and she is planning on turning them into her weapons. “

“No. I won´t let her. She is dead. What could she possibly do to her?”

“Oh, I love these innocent ones. They don’t know. “She chuckled again

 “Let the show begin. “ Karlie said it with such enjoyment. “What is going on?” Suddenly I was alone in a room.

“Where is Violet? Where´s Oli?” “Don´t worry, my dear. They are next. “She clapped her hands.


Next thing I remembered was waking up. It felt like years. There´s been nothing in the place that I woke up in. There were walls, which were rising up to nowhere. The floor was cold made from marble just like the stairs in the chateau. I called for Oli and Violet. No reply. There was only darkness and silence. Was I dead?

Suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from huge doors in front of me. I stood up and slowly walked towards them. As I was opening this immense portal, I felt intense heat. When I opened the door I knew I was doomed. There were tall flames coming out.

“Violet? Chloe? Is anyone out here?” My voice echoed. A huge plain was expanding in front of me. There was no grass though. It was a wasteland- a desert. I couldn’t see the end of it. What the hell is this place?  It looked like something people see when they are high. I certainly wasn´t.

Suddenly the ground underneath me started to crumble. I heard almost piercing buzzing coming from all the directions. You got to be kidding me. I thought it was some kind of joke. But it wasn’t. The buzzing was getting closer every second. Wake up, man. This can´t be real. You just hit your head or something. But there was no waking up happening. Instead of that something I never expected happened. A group of strange looking humans was heading towards me. Suddenly, their heads exploded. I was blown away few hundred meters back.  The heads started to grow back. But they weren’t human heads. They were fly heads. This is insane! I thought to myself. I was frozen by fear. The buzzing didn’t stop. It was thundering. They kept coming towards me. I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. They were going to kill me. I was sure of that. They were stamping. Once they were facing me their heads exploded again. I woke up. I was back in the chateau. The first thing that crossed my mind was Violet and Chloe.


I was running for so long, I thought I would run forever. The heat didn´t stop. It was all around me. The flames were trying to catch me and grab me. There was no one there. The fire suddenly made a full circle around me. From the flames I could see deformed faces staring at me. The darkness around me started to get worse to handle. The fire was cracking. Suddenly, I saw hands coming out of the flames. They were elongating as they grabbed my neck and started to strangle me. They were strangling me until I finally woke up-crying.

What I saw next made me wish they strangled me to death. Across the hall I saw Oli kneeling next to what looked like Violet ‘body. I ran to them. Blood. It was everywhere around Violet ´motionless body.

Oli´s eyes were red as he was staring at her shaking like an aspen leaf. “She did it. She did it.” His hands were covered with her blood.

Her body was scratched. As if an animal attacked her.  The claw-like marks on her were bleeding out.

“No! No! Please, no! This isn´t happening. This can’t be real.”

“It is OK, Chloe, said Violet quietly. I got the chance to spend my life with you. I would never change it. She coughed. Don´t talk like that Violet. You will live.

 “We all know that´s not true.” A tear started falling from Violet´ eye as she pressed Oli´s hand. Her eyes closed. She made her last breath. Her left hand fell on the floor and the right one stayed clenched in his hand.

 Suddenly, I heard sirens outside the living room… They interrupted what seemed like the most endurable moment of our life. I couldn’t stand up.

Everything suddenly seemed so puzzling. Every minute felt like forever. I remained sitting on the floor. Police. The police are coming. They can´t know. How did this happen? How did I let this happen? What happened? Where was I when my friend needed help? Stuck in some twisted world Karlie created so I couldn’t do anything.

Where is Karlie?  I had few more minutes to do something before the cops would rush into the building. I got up.

“What are you doing? Where are you going?” Oli grabbed my shoulder as I was getting up.

“I need to end this.” I ran out of the room. It took me a while to find her. Karlie was hiding among the pillars in the ceiling. She was hiding there like a coward.

“I hope you enjoyed your little trip. I am sorry for what I did, my dearest granddaughter. But you know me. I just couldn’t help myself. Telekinesis is a powerful ability to poses. I am sure she is in a better place now. “

“How could you.” I was breathless. I was not even mad anymore. I felt like there were no more emotions left in me. 

“Next time, Chloe, don´t underestimate the dead.  They can surprise you sometimes.”

“Why her? Why not me?” I just couldn’t understand.

“It was not your decision to make, honey.” She paused for a while.  “You have a huge potential.”

“What does that mean?”

 “You hunt ghosts. You are bold. Stupid but bold. I see a spark in you. You will do big things one day.  Yes, people will die in the process, but you will be a hero. A true heartless hunter.”

 In that moment there was only one thing left to do.

“Crux sacra sit mihi lux! Nunquam draco sit mihi dux. Vade retro Satana! Nunquam suade mihi vana! Sunt mala quae libas. Ipse venena bibas! “

Karlie started to shimmer as pieces of her body started to separate. She screamed for the very last time before she burst in flames. She was gone. The dust was all that was left of her. I didn’t feel relief though. I felt more pain than ever before.

Suddenly a unit of policemen barged into the chateau with guns aiming at us. “We got a call minutes ago from your parents. That you were missing. “

I finally started crying. The policeman noticed Violet ´body. “Oh my god.  What happened here?”

“She…she is dead.” I was drowning.


“Chloe! Oh my god. What happened?” I was hiding cowardly behind Oli as we were coming out of the chateau accompanied by two policemen.

 Jayden, who was standing behind the police tape ran to me and hugged me even though I was covered with blood.” I lied to you Jay. I should have never… “He could hear this hopelessness in my hoarse voice.

I wasn’t even crying anymore. I was just cold and reserved- emotionless. Just like Karlie said.  I was holding my leather jacket which was also covered with blood. Violet ´s and my blood.

“She was there wasn’t she?”  He kept on calming me with his deep and mature voice. “We just couldn’t save her. She played us. It was like some different dimension.” I was trying so hard not to fall apart in front of him. He knew me as a strong woman. That one was long gone.

“What are you talking about? “ Jay´s face was confused.

“I don’t know.” I… stuttered.  “I am sorry… “I felt like I couldn’t tell him anything. Like he wouldn’t believe me. That is not how relationships should look like, right? Well, after all our relationship was different than others.

“You both need a doctor, immediately.”  “Yeah, I don’t think doctors will be any help here. “ Oli replied as he held my hand tightly.

“Mrs. Grace, Mr. Levesque? I heard another adult voice behind my back. We just need few words from you. Would that be possible?”

“I guess.” Oli spoke for us both.

 “I am aware of the situation and I don´t want you to feel under any pressure.”

“That...that is OK.” I wanted this to be over as fast as possible.

“Alright then. It will be quick, I promise.  You gave a statement that you were attacked by some psychopath hiding in this castle. That he was the one who killed your friend. Is that correct?” “Yes, sir. That is what happened.” “Did you fight with him Mrs. Grace?””

“Y-yes. I don’t´ remember his face.” I lied; I lied so much. I wanted it to be true. I wanted this to be the real reason. In this world where people don’t believe in ghosts, that is the only way so that people wouldn’t lock you up for the rest of your life.

“And that is the last thing you remember before you passed out?”

“Yes.” I saw flashbacks of the fire in my head. I was taught to give short answers to the cops. Mostly when you were avoiding the truth, long and complicated answers could get you in trouble. “

“When I woke up, Oli was kneeling down next to Violet. Crying and…” He didn’t let me finish my answer. The only true statement.

“You can go now. Thank you. We called your parents. They will come to pick you up. “

I saw Mrs. Carter crying in the corner and finding comfort in Mr. Carter´s arms. The cops were carrying Violet ´body out from the chateau. She was inside that black bag. I never thought I would see it in flash.  I couldn´t even look at her. I felt miserable.

Oli and I couldn´t bear any more looks from the cops. He stayed aside for couple minutes then he sat on the sidewalk and stared into the sunrise.

After few hours the place was deserted again.  I guess they were confident we just suffered from a PTSD. They wouldn’t dig deeper. Somehow I wished they did.

We were speechless, we were exhausted, injured but most of all we were broken inside. We just lost a friend, a dear friend and a part of our lives. We promised Violet we would all make it out alive. I knew I could not keep that promise. I was a liar and a betrayer. Our lives will never be the same. I took Violet away from Oli. Will he ever forgive me? Is he ever going to make peace with it? He will never get rid of the last moment with Violet. In his arms- bleeding and resigned. Even I still hear her last words.

We will never be able to tell Mr. and Mrs.  Carter about what really happened to their only daughter. Karlie might be gone forever, but the pain will never leave our hearts.  We broke the cycle of terror but in reality we will never really break free. The only thing that made me feel there might once be peace, is the fact that no one else will die the same way.


Oli and I connected so much over the last few months since Violet died as I never felt connected with anyone, not even Jay. You guessed it. Jay and I broke up just few weeks after. He couldn’t stand my mood swings caused by the events. He was sick of the lies. He knew I wasn’t completely honest with him. What rose from this deep connection with Oli was something we never thought could happen. From friends we became more. After all of that we couldn’t deny it. We fell in love. Violet would have been happy for us.  We found love in a darkest moment. It was meant to happen like this. We were no longer normal kids.  The solitude became easier to bear. We had each other. It felt right.

We held our hands as we were standing at Violet ´grave. Oli poured her favorite tequila on the tombstone. The plaque was beautiful, it was pure.

 Violet Carter, loving daughter, girlfriend and a hero


We both secretly wished we were the one in that coffin instead of her. This was never her mission. She was there just for fun. She never understood what this was all about.  We will keep it that way. No one can ever get hurt again. Maybe not by Karlie, but I knew she was not the only vengeful ghost in New York. I wish she was. But this world is much more wicked, that anyone could ever imagine.

As we were standing there I saw a gothic angel statue staring at me as drops of blood were falling from his eyes and hitting the ground covered in snow. 

© Copyright 2019 Elis Caverly. All rights reserved.

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