Tools of Comfort

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Another poem I wrote in my usual manic-depressive state.

Submitted: July 03, 2014

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Submitted: July 03, 2014



There’s a rope in the garage

That’ll fit snugly around my neck

Some pills in the bathroom

That’ll do the job if I ingest

A knife in the kitchen drawer

That’s so sharp and ever so brisk

It’ll cut a deep enough gash

Across my tiny wrists

A gun in my dad’s safe

That always on call

That’ll easily blow my brains out

All across my bedroom wall

They’re each my tools of comfort

That’ll effectively end my pain

I know it’s the easy way out

For a Bitch like me who’s basically insane

But when I’m gone they’ll be many

Who’ll rejoice about my death

Who’ll say she had it coming

And no tears will be ever be shed?

So in that light I know

They will laugh and only scoff

So I’m gonna stay alive just to spite them

And to really piss them off

© Copyright 2018 Elise Sanderson. All rights reserved.

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