The pond

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Submitted: March 08, 2016

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Submitted: March 08, 2016



The Lake


I had awoken with a jolt, I looked at my blue clock. Hmm, only 4:00. Thats odd. I usually wake up around 7, well anyway I cant sleep anymore. I softly walked out to the living room, sat on the couch and thought. I finally picked up the T.V. remote and flipped through the channels. After watching almost two hours of my favorite T.V show,  my mom woke up. About an hour after she woke up I asked her if I could go to my friend,  Jaya’s. She replied “Yes, that works out perfectly. You see me and your  dad want to go see your aunt susie.” “why?” I asked. “Oh you know she isn't doing so well, with the cancer and all.”  I sighed, remembering how six months earlier my mom informed me that my aunt susie had cancer. I left the house without speaking another word. It was utterly frigid outside, we live in leavenworth, washington you see and winter had just started to creep up on us. It was about 32 degrees out so enough for it to snow. I walked past the old historic building, and then the library. As I arrived at green hill lake, I noticed something different, It was frozen over! Wow, I had to go tell Jaya! I jogged to her house as fast as possible, as thoughts  of ice skating flew through my mind. I raced into her house and informed her of the lake. As soon as she got her coat on we jogged over to the lake. Green hill lake is more like the size of two swimming pools than a lake, it is surrounded  by cat tails and in a way deserted. We had brought a knife to cut into the ice to see how thick it was. With one quick blow to the ice with the knife, we knew instantly that it was safe enough to walk or skate on. As we carefully shuffled onto the ice we saw the toll abandonment had taken on the lake, overgrown weeds, mucky polluted water, it was bad. So after a couple hours of skating we went to Jaya’s house, she asked her mom  if i could stay the night, being the nice person  she is she said yes. As we walked into the long hallway that lead to her bedroom, a thought sprang into my mind. I waited for a while to tell Jaya, as we were about to watch 4 hours of netflix I told her. I said “Wouldn’t it be great if we could set up a fundraiser to refurbish the pond? I mean think about it, if almost everybody in the town donated at least 10 dollars, there are about 60 people in the town, so that makes around 600 dollars. That would be enough to buy clippers for the weeds, maybe even a gate or fence to keep trash out.” Jaya loved the idea, so we got typing and came out with an idea for a fundraiser, Hot chocolate. We had decided that The next day we would ride my dads go cart (with a trailer!) around the town with 5 or 6 giant thermoses of hot chocolate. We would ask for a donation for the lake, give them hot chocolate and leave. The next day we woke up bright and early, ready for out debut. At about 9:00 we set off. The business was a sucsess! At the end of the day we’d raked in over 900 dollars! We decided that we would start work on the pond tomorrow. We spent the night at my house. Again we woke up bright and early. We rode down to the local hardware store on our electric scooter. we’d attached a wagon to the back so we could  bring back any supplies. We walked into the store, shuddering with the sudden temperature change. We went to the clipper aisle, we found the perfect clippers, huge, strong, and sharp. Then we went to see what kinds of fencing they had. After a while of searching, we found a navy blue 3 foot tall chain link fence for only 99 cents a yard. Since the pond was filled by runoff water from the ski resort in the mountains above, it was pretty polluted. The runoff came through a pipe that poured into the far end of the pond. We realized that we should get a water filter. We asked the cashier where it would be, he told us aisle 8. We picked one out, it was basically a giant “Brita” filter with grating, and charcoal inside to make clean water. The total of all the items came out to; $600! We still had 300 dollars left to spend on ourselves, yes! We put all the supplies into our wagon and sped off to the lake. We decided to put on the water filter first. This took a little pushing and pulling. After that, we trimmed all the weeds, brush, and overgrowth down, this took about 3 hours. After we trimmed it, it looked fantabulous!  We only took about 2 hours to fence the whole area, and of course we had a gate put in. After we were done, we realized that it needed one more thing. We hopped on the scooter and zoomed back to the hardware store. We put a giant, and i mean GIANT bag of sand on our wagon, it almost tipped over. When we arrived at the lake, we started pouring sand on the banks of the lake. This was so in the summer people could swim in it and not get muddy. It was only about 2 feet deep at the deepest part, and not very big, so there was enough sand. We had decided to not go back to the lake until summer, not look at it, nothing. Finally! summer is here! We were ecstatic to go back to the lake. As we approached the lake, our jaws dropped in awe. The water was crystal clear, there was no trash, the sand was still there, the bushes stayed groomed. It was like a hidden oasis. We slipped on our swimsuits, set our clothes on the warm sand and…Sploosh! We cannonballed into the water. It was so incredibly clear, you could see the bottom perfectly. The water was probably about 60 degrees, so not too cold. We invited a few friends to swim with us, and they were amazed at how beautiful that we’d made it.Suddenly  Jaya had the best idea ever. The plan was to camp out on a raft in the lake! We gathered the tent and my dad’s big raft. As I tossed the giant raft onto the pond,  Jaya set up the tent. Slowly but surely we waded out into the middle of the lake to set the tent on the raft. 









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