The Little Girl

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This is a true story that happened years ago to an Amish family.

Submitted: July 26, 2015

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Submitted: July 26, 2015



"Emily, its time for dinner",her mother called.

It was mid November. Emily is three in a half years old. She is a very bright and happy girl. She helps her mother and is a blessing to the home. She was taught well. After the father prayed for the food they all started to eat.
"Emily, can you please pass the potatoes?", her father asked.
"Yes, fauder",said little Emily.
Her father continued, "The wind bites tonight. Might want to prepare. Its supposed to be below zero tonight. I'm glad I finished the crops before this snow and cold came in."
"Yes, "said her mother, "you finished it just in time."
Little Emily spoke up,"Since its going to be cold outside tonight can chocolate sleep wid me tonight?"
Chocolate is her favorite puppy. People call her coco for short. She loves that little puppy so much. She is always around it.She feeds her all the time. Her parents say that if she feeds it any more its going to get so fat it wont be able to sit up! But that is hardly possible the way she keeps that puppy running. All day long she plays with it chasing it and even teaching it tricks.
"No, I don't think so this time, Emily",said her mother.
"But she'll freeze!",she insisted.
"I think she will be fine in the barn and i'll make sure the door is shut so it doesn't get too cold in there, Ok?",said mother.
"Ok.",said Emily,"But may I at least say goodnight to her before bed?"
"Alright,but you must finish your plate first,"said her mother.
It was getting late and it was time for devotions. They do it every night. Little Emily climbed onto the couch next to her mother. The wind howled outside and it seemed to shake the whole house saying "Let me in!" She scooted closer to her mother and looked at the fire in the fireplace. It was time for the story. Father was going to tell about Jesus. 
He began,"Jesus is our friend. A LONG time ago he was born. He was a lovely boy. When he grew up he went around preaching about heaven, which u already now about."
"Yes, I know about dat!",little Emily interrupted,"heaven is the place where good people go when dey die! It is always happy over dere!"
"Yes, that's right, but please do try to pronounce it right. Its 'there' th.", her mother said.
"Ok",her father continued,"now when Jesus was preaching the pharises got angry and they wanted to kill him.
"But why would thththththey want to kill him?",said little Emily.
Her father continued,"Because the pharisees were jealous of him getting all the attention. So one day they captured him and treated him bad and then they killed him. Now he is in heaven. Jesus is God. He is on a throne and is ruler over everything. He sees everything that is happening down on earth. He sees us too."
After prayer it was time for Emily to go to bed. Her dad gave her a hug and sent her along with a goodnight. She climbed in and her mom tucked her in. 
"Goodnight mommy", Emily said. 
"Goodnight dear", said her mom. 
As she was closing the door, mom peeked at Emily and smiled. She gazed at that sweet, lovable, calm face and shut the door. Little did she know it would be the last time she would do that. 
Emily woke up in the middle of the night. 
"Its morning", she thought.
Emily got up and walked out of her bedroom. She went downstairs and nobody was there. 
"They must be outside in the barn feeding the animals breakfast", she thought.
She was too short to look out the window so she decided to go outside to see if they were there, forgetting to look in her parents bedroom. She walked outside without putting on her coat or shoes. It was 5 below zero with a cold wind. She walked out and the door shut behind her. She ran to the barn as fast as she could because it was cold. 
"Daddy?", she called out.
Emily looked all around in the barn but nobody was in there. She went outside. It was then that she noticed that the sky was dark and the moon was still out. It was still nighttime.
"They must be inside sleeping. I thought it was time to get up but its still nighttime", she thought.
Emily raced to the front door. when she got to the front door she pulled. It wouldn't budge. It was locked. Emily ran for the back door. She pulled. She  pulled and pulled and pulled. It was locked too. She started to panic. It was freezing cold. She shivered and hugged herself. All of a sudden she heard a bark. Chocolate! She had forgotten to say goodnight to him! 
"Here boy!",she said. 
The dog came running towards her.
"What are we going to do?", she said to the dog,"I'm stuck out here and I'm REALLY cold! I guess I'll just have to wait out here 'til dad wakes up. I wonder what time it is."
The poor little girl sat down on the porch and sighed. The dog went over to Emily and put his head on her lap.

“At least you won’t leave me.”, she said. 
Emily petted the dog and shut her eyes. Minutes passed. She couldn’t feel her body. Everything was numb. She sat and waited for what seemed like a long time. She could see her breath and tried not to cry. The wind sliced through her clothes. Her fingertips started to sting bad. Soon, it became hard to move at all. Hours passed. Then. Her finger tips turned black. Her skin was a light blue. Then, Emily looked and saw the tip of the sun start to rise.
“Jesus”, she whispered.
Then, she closed her eyes and never opened them again.
You can imagine the shock and horror as the parents awoke to find her dead on the porch. It was a very sad time for everyone that knew her. It was a big funeral. The family was very sad that it happened but they knew that she was happy in heaven with her Savior. 

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