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Dialogue, set on a public bus , in Ballyfermot Dublin 10.
The piece was written as quick shot [for radio]. Written for a college lecture.

Imagine a public bus, the sound of people speaking in the background....

PS. The wording is not to cause offence, it is an interpretation of a Ballyfermot person.

Submitted: April 30, 2009

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Submitted: April 30, 2009



Betty: "Howeya Mary"

Mary: "Ahh, Betty, ya alri?, any news"

B: "Ah news, now you've asked! Did you hear about yer wan?"

M: "Yer wan?"

B: "Ya know yer wan, yer wan from foxrock... yer wan that knicked his bike!"

M: "Ah go away, go away outta that, sure that's a load of cock & bull!!"

B: "No, sure wasn't it plastered all across the newspapers!?"

M: "But, she wouldn't she's yer man's daughter!?"

B: "But she did... Apparently he took de car off her, spending too much time around yer man, and well know know.
Well... she got into one of her moods."

M: "Oh...  Really?"

B: "Story has it, she decided she needed to go to the supermarket!"

M: "What? Her? Da supermarket?"

B: "I know yeah,.. but the security caught her with something!"

M: "With wha?"

B: "I don't know, something though!"

M: "Sure she's goin' off the rails, this long while!"

B: "So... She took off down de town, gets a bit tired see's this bike and just cycles off with it"

M: "Jaysus, wha was she thinkin'?"

B: "I don't know, but half way down the road, she runs a red light!"

M: "She musta been on somethin'"

M: "Was she alri though?"

B: "Her? She was fine of course, but didn't she leave two cars and a truck behind her!!"

M: "Jaysus, that's shockin'!"

B: "I know, and all this over a ........... pint a milk!!!"

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