Bones:Supernatural fanfiction: Chapters one and two

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Sam and Dean Winchester have stopped in another small town, only it's in Oregon, if you all remember the second episode of season one, Wendigo and you enjoyed it then read on, mysterious disappearances, lots of campers, hunting season, when they can't get Castiel for help? Who will save them in the time they need it most?

Submitted: September 28, 2012

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Submitted: September 28, 2012



Chapter One

Sam Winchester woke to a start, the passenger seat of the Impala was leaned back slightly, for his comfort. As he jolted awake he notice the sun was sinking behind the trees, of southern Oregon. The Winchester brothers were speeding towards the forest of pines and red wood. He peered out the window, barelyhearing his brother Dean say "good morning Sammy" though it wasn't morning it was dusk. Sam grunted in acknowledgement before Dean could prod him with questions. "Sleep good?" Dean asked looking over at Sam only taking his eyes off the road for a split second before he focused again. "Yeah beautiful" Sam scowled lightly, which wasn't the exact truth he had once again, had another nightmare, different, it was years back since Jessica died, he had long stopped having the nightmares, this one was different, it was about Ed Genes, oddly enough. Go figure, Sam was always having dreams like these, he was starting to grow numb to them, but every once and a while one would freak him out, with such a ferocious attack that he would forget it was just a dream, this wasn't like that, thankfully. Dean grunted. "Good, then you'll be fresh for research after dinner" Dean flashed his younger, but taller brother a full toothed smile. Sam frowned. "You know, you could use your lazy ass for something other than fighting you know" Sam replied dryly, as they pulled into a small town, and stopping before a diner. The 'R' in the red neon sign was flickering about to burn out. Dean had already stepped out of the black car. "Coming Sammy?" he asked tapping on Sam Winchester window. Sam Jumped, the light tap tap on the window breaking his train of thought. "Yeah" Sam grunted climbing from the cab of the impala, and slamming the door shut behind him.

The two Winchester brothers stepped into the small diner, few people were seated around the tables at this hour, and waitresses were lousily looking after the few locals who were having a late night snack or cup of coffee. Dean turned to smile thinly, at a short, middle-aged woman, with dark brown hair that spiraled off her scalp, and fell around a slightly chubby face. Her apron clung to here lightly overweight shape. "How many?" She asked lazily looking up at the two brothers. "Uh..Two" Dean replied scanning the people at the tables, get a sharp stomp on his foot from Sam, and a soft hiss to stop staring. "Right this way" the hostess motioned for the two men to follow her. Her step was calm but quick, she soon led them to a vacant table, and placed two menus before them. "What can I get you to drink?" she asked smiling softly, at Dean. "I don't know about my brother there but I'll have a beer" Dean rocked the chair back on two legs for a short time before letting it rest on the ground again. "Ice tea" Sam told her quickly, pulling out his laptop. "Oh and boys, my name is Margret I'll be your server tonight" and she was walking away to fetch their drinks. Sam opened the silver electronic, revealing the carefully used black keys, the light shining down from above causing the white letters to glisten beautifully. The screen shone black, showing Sam a picture of himself before he pressed the power button, and the screen was lit with a brilliant blue shine. After a moment the log in screen shone in his irises. Quickly tapping in his password, he soon starting in on the Wi-Fi password. In a matter of moments he had full internet access.

"Here you are" the waitress winked, setting down Sam's iced tea before him. Sam glanced up at the dark bronze liquid, before looking over at Dean who had lifted the beer bottle to his lips, and taking a sip, swallowing soon after. "What?" Dean asked setting the brown glass bottle down on the wooden table. "Nothing" Sam grunted looking back at his computer, and pulling up a search engine. Sam soon had opened the local crime reports. Pulling up a webpage, he scrolled through the missing persons, finding a more recent one, Maggie Starch, age eighteen was reported missing after not returning from camping two days after she was due back, and then there was a killing in home of resident Jarad Marsh. Flicking through the details, the murder was nothing like that of any supernatural being, just a homicidal dick. Snorting he clicked on Maggie Starch's page, scrolling over the details, finding the camp location, and crime scene photos, along with other details like street address, and family members, along with the identity of her missing persons report owner."you two ready to order?" Margret asked looking at the Winchesters. "Uh yeah, I'll have your bacon cheese burger" Dean reported true and faithful. "And you?" she turned to face Sam. "No thank you, not hungry" Sam murmured. "Alright, tell me if you change your mind" she patted Sam's shoulder as she passed by.

"Find something?" Dean asked eying his brother curiously. "Yeah, I think I might have us a case" Sam replied turning the computer to face his older brother. "Maggie Starch, went missing on a camping trip, she didn't return home, and she was do back three days ago" Sam reported as Dean scrolled over the images. "Alright, so it's settled?" Dean asked, sinking his teeth into his burger, chewing thoughtfully. "Yeah, nothing else to look at here, besides the usual, break ins, suicides..." Sam trailed off sipping at his tea. "Alright, now lets put are thinking caps on, and go through all our knowledge, what is this thing?" Dean murmured, as he swallowed another mouthful. "Well, Demons don't usually hold their victims captive unless they want something, werewolves would just rather kill their victims, and three days ago was a new moon" Sam paused as he gulped down another mouthful of tea. Dean nodded. "Its unlikely for a ghost, or even an animal to hide a body,. I'm sure either one of those things would have either killed on the spot, meaning a ghost would kill on the spot. If it was vengeful, and an animal wouldn't drag the body far.." Dean frowned.

"Dean. Black Water Ridge Colorado. The Wendigo, you think this could be a Wendigo?" Sam asked as he peered over the top of his silver laptop. "Seems legit. it's the right time of year, and their is a chance she might still be alive." Dean replied washing down some remains of his few bites of hamburger with his beer. "See if there are more disappearances Sam" Dean ordered lightly, taking another ravenous bite of hamburger and stuffing his cheeks with the golden brown french fries. Sam grunted in response, digging deeper into the history, finding two, more recent reports, one week ago, Franklyn Bark and Wilson Mark, and just an hour ago the site had been updated with two more camper disappearances, Shannon Starfeild and Willa Primrose. "Dean, I think we have a problem, it's odd yes, but I think this is a Wendigo pack" Sam murmured, looking at his brother concerned, neither one had faced a creature so powerful in numbers, alone the two of them could handle, but three or four? Impossible, especially since you can kill them with fire. "A pack" Dean repeated in disbelief.

"uh, yeah. A pack, unlikely I know but the average one Wendigo takes two victims, it's camping season Dean, that's two or three per a creature, and at the rate of the reports it has to be more than one" Sam told Dean his eyes flickering unsurely. "Alright, we'll check it out in the morning, when there is some daylight, let me finish up here and we'll check into the motel up the road" Dean grinned as he took in a few more bites of his bacon burger, and happily munched on his french fries. "Want some?" Dean offered the basket of fries to Sam with a smile. "No thank you" Sam scoffed, pushing the red basket back towards Dean. "Suit yourself" Dean grumbled inserting more fries into his mouth, and chewing each one carefully. Finishing in a few minutes Dean stood up. "Ready?" he asked Sam who shut his computer and tucked it away into his bag, before standing up to be shoulder to shoulder with Dean. "Yup" he replied firmly. "Good lets go check out, then check in to that motel I want some sleep" Dean spoke out his plan of how they would pay for their food, using the same old credit card scam, then check in to a motel, using the same credit card fraud, and go to bed.

Stepping up to the check out counter, Dean ran the card, quickly paying for the meal, his meal, more or less. "Thank you, I hope you enjoyed your meal, visit us again soon" Margret smiled as Dean tucked away the red Mastercard into his brown, slightly cracked wallet. Sam watched the whole exchange from behind, blinking once, before turning towards the glass doors to walk beside Dean as the two went to leave. "Sam we are coming back here before we leave" Dean told him in such a way Sam didn't even argue. "alright, now can we get to the motel so I can watch the news and learn the weather forecast for tomorrow?" Sam asked, rolling his eyes slightly, brushing off Deans 'command' that they were going to come back to the diner before they left town. "Yeah sure, lets hit the road Jack" Dean grinned shoving Sam lightly, before he quickened his step claiming his spot behind the wheel of the Impala. Sam sighed softly, grinning. "You and your damn car"
"what about my damn car?" Dean demanded. "Nothing, just start it" Sam returned evenly, as the engine roared to life, soon mellowing into a steady purr.

Dean pulled out into the street, with a sharp squeal, before the black '67 Chevy Impala was speeding down the road towards the yellow and green neon sign of the Jack Bridge Motel. "Look Sam, it's even got a pool" Dean joked, as he pulled into the motel parking lot, shutting off the Impala in a available parking space before himself and Sam climbed from the car, Sam nearly bumping his head in the process. "Damn it" Sam grumbled missing banging his head on the car a fraction of an inch, the closeness had made his heart speed up as he waited for the pain to come to his skull. "Common Sam!" Dean called already halfway into the lobby area. "Coming" Sam returned loudly, before speeding up to a trot, to catch up to his short choppy haired brother. Sam stepped inside, somehow later than Dean, who was already at the front desk. "We'd like one room with two king or queen beds" Dean told the desk clerk, who looked up at him. "Why don't you just get one bed?" The clerk suggested obviously having the wrong idea.

"No it's not like that.." Sam cut in. "Were brothers, we'd like two separate beds" Sam reassured the desk attendant, with a half smile, that was filled with frustration as he really wanted the man to hurry up. "Alright your total is fifty-five dollars" the clerk groaned, rolling his head back as Dean shoved the Mastercard towards him. With a grunt of disapproval he swiped the red piece of plastic, punching in a number, then gave Dean and Sam each a copy of the room key. "Your room is 140" The clerk announced to them at last. "Alright. Thank you" Dean said with a polite smile. The two brothers stepped outside again. "Who put that fat pickle in a mood" Dean inquired once they were out of the main building. Sam shrugged. "Who knows but he was sure an asshole, what kind of man asks if someone is gay? Just straight up asks them?" Sam wondered. "I don't know but I will agree with you Sammy. Asshole move"The two brothers made their way to room one-hundred forty. Dean inserted the magnetic card into the door scanner, which quickly matched up the identity number, and the light lit up green granting them access.

Dean stepped inside, scanning over the medium sized room, about the size of a fancy rich persons living room. On the west wall, the two beds were found a night stand made of oak in-between them, two lamps mounted on the wall, the white beds neatly made. The carpet was not one of good flavor a moldy blue-brown color. Under the window was a large air conditioner that also worked as a heater, then there was a sink and the small bathroom, and on the east wall, was the flat screen TV that was perched atop a TV stand."nice..I guess?" Sam murmured, looking over the setting with his hazel-blue eyes. "It will do" Dean replied wearily, as Sam grabbed the black TV remote switching it on. Dean sighed as he flopped down onto the bed he claimed as his. Sam however sat down at the end of the free bed, intently staring into the TV, as the commercials ended and the 11'oclock news returned with weather reports. "Tomorrow is going to be the usually foggy and cloudy, but a bit more sunshine" the forecaster reported with a broad smile.

Sam Winchester studied the weekly forecast bellow, ignoring the annoying elevator music that played in the studio background. Grunting when it went off, he hit the power button, a soft power buzz indicated the TV had gone off. Dean rolled off his back to Sam, he was snoring softly already asleep.Sam laid back resting on his back pulling the sheets over his body and switching out the light so he could sleep.





Chapter Two


Sam rolled over onto his back, grunting softly as he blinked the sleep out of his eyes. Twisting to swing his feet over the bed he sat up mumbling sleeply. He was always an early morning riser, but this time it was different, the clock read 4:23am, the red numbers burning into his eyes making him blink away the brightness. Standing up he turned on a lamp, looking over at Dean who was -thankfully- still asleep. Still in his jeans, he pulled on his jacket and shoes, grabbed the gun that lay on the nightstand and stepped out into the night. The Red Wood trees stretched out in a large forest that all but looked the same. And it was so close. Just across the street. As Sam bore into the darkness a shudder crept up his spine, a chill. Not just an 'It's Cold Chill' but a 'Someone is watching me' chill. Shrugging it away he stepped into the parking lot looking towards the Motel lobby, the lights were on. Crossing the asphault he stopped before the door, the glass stretched over his head, gripping the silver handle, he tugged, to his surprise it opened with ease, unlocked. To his comfort a fresh pot of coffee was resting just across the room, a stack of stirophome cups next to it. Stopping before the table, he grabbed a cup, and gripped the pot handle firmly. Pouring the brown, steamy liquid into the white contrasting cup, he glanced around warily, the only one in sight. Setting the pot back down he crossed the room once more, and pushed the door open and disapeared into the night air.

By the time Sam returned to the room the red clock was reading 4:34am. Why did he have to wake so early? What even caused him to stirr from a peaceful slumber? He didn't remember dreaming so pushing the confusing concept of what had woken him, he sat down on his bed once more pulling out his lap top. He ran the black charger cord from the side of his computer to an outlit. Pushing the power button, he was pleased at his PC's speed. It soon showed the login screen were he quickly, typed a long digit code into the computer. He had soon pulled up the internet, and was pestering around Google. The search engine wasn't really helpful, but Sam found it very entertaining. Deciding to test Google once again he typed in 'Wendigo Myths.' Getting over a million results Sam Winchester sighed. The entire front page was nothing but fansites about Chuck's books 'Supernatural' nothing helpful, and about the fith page the results seemed to leave the Supernatural topics and get more to the things that Sam was looking for. "This one looks-" he was cut off, a clang outside. The sudden clatter tensed Sam and sprung Dean Winchester from his sleep. "Sam? Was that you?" the sleepy voice rang clearly in the air and noticably irretated.  "No, it was outside" Sam replied with a soft snort.

Dean was on his feet and beside Sam. Each Winchester on guard, armed with guns. Having their entire life surrounded by the supernatural, a noise at night, in the dark was never good. Dean swung the door open, nothing lunged for him, nothing tried to rip his throat out. Safe? Unsure Dean stepped onto the sidewalk peering down to the left, then to the right. Nothing. Dean frowned. "I don't think it's here, what ever it was it's gone now" Dean sighed, turning to push Sam out of his way and return to his bed. "Wait, Dean, look" Sam lifted a finger pointing in the direction of a tipped over, small recycling bin, cans sprayed out around it. A muscular shape was perched ontop of the sided bin. It's long snakey tail drooping over the edge, neatly rounded paws clutching the rim. Demonic green eyes flashed, Dean raised the gun, a flash of red and blue lights. Dean lowered the muzzle of the gun, just as a police officer stepped from a dark cab, his sudden beam of a flash light, cast enough rays onto the creature to show Sam that it was a large tabby cat. The feline jumped away. "Uhhh.. Nothing, we just ahh, were going back to bed" Dean replied as he shouldered Sam back inside, and shut the door, turning the dead bolt with a satisfying thud. "Now that we're up we might as well get ready for the day, I mean not like I'm going back to sleep. Anyway what was that thing?" Dean asked.

"A cat" Sam replied softly. "Really? What it look like?" Dean demanded roughly. "It was black. And white traced it's entire skeletal system, and his eyes were white too" Sam repsonded lightly. "Interesting combination" Sam shrugged and turned to kick his shoes off again, place the gun back on the night stand and cross the motel room to the bathroom. Were he then proceded to shut the door, turn the lock and remove his clothing. His hands gripped the water nob, twisting it, it sent a jet stream of water into the tub. Letting it warm, bare-chested Sam turned to gaze into the mirror. Grunting, he returned his attention to the water, testing it with aproval, he turned on the shower and stepped in letting the clear, clean fresh water rinse over his muscled body, relaxing him, soothing.



What seemed only seconds later, Sam stepped from the steamy shower and into the icy chill of the bathroom. Securing the white bath towel around his waist, he grabbed a decently clean pair of jeans from his bag and let the towel fall into a heap on the tile. Pulling the faded blue jeans up, he buttoned them. He then removed a white, checkered, button up oxford shirt. In a regular motion without any hesitation his figners zipped up his torso buttoning each of the buttons in the proper places.Unlocking the bathroom door after collecting his belongings Sam looked over at Dean. "Take long enough?" Dean grumbled. As soon as the words left his brother's mouth, he glanced at the clock. It was 5:26am, he was in the shower for more than forty minutes. "Yes I did" Sam answered at last turning to sit on his bed as Dean made way for the now vacant bathroom. He stopped. "And Sam, When I get out, we're going out for breakfast" Sam nodded in response to Dean's statement. Wondering over to the window while the shower water ran, he pulled back the curtains, looking down at the sidewalk, audits twitched, and white eyes peered up at him. Meow! The noise peirced in Sam's ears, even through the glass he heard it clearly. The black and white tom cat was sitting outside the motel room window.

"Creepy" Sam muttered letting the curtain fall shut. As soon as he did so a thud on the glass, massive paws hit the clear substance. "What the hell cat, what the hell" Sam growled, he pulled the curtains back again to see nothing. About that time Dean was out of the shower and dressed, "Ready?" Dean asked. Sam looked at him. "Did you even wash? It wasnt even ten minutes!"

"You're not my mom"

"Wouldn't want to be"

"Lets go"

Dean opened the door, looking over the parking lot, the sky was now gray with predawn. Pulling the keys from his pocket he crossed the parking lot to the impala, Sam right on his heels. As he stopped infront of his Baby, he looked up to see the same large, black and white tom Sam had described. "Okay kitty, go away" Dean grunted, when he went to push it, claws unsheathed, and it's maw opened in a threatening hiss. "Dean,leave it alone, it won't leave without a fight" Sam told him. Dean shrugged. "I'll test that" and when he moved to open the door, the cat flung at him and was ontop of the car swiping at his head snarling, ears pinned back in a threatening manner. Each time Dean would move, the black and white skeletal cat would follow him slashing, and swatting, snarling and hissing. Sam and Dean stood side by side on the sidewalk, arms crossed the tom cat sitting on the impala's hood, white eyes gleaming with challenge...



Chapter Three and Four coming soon!

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