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MAKE REVELATION, the booksie research and study 2009,

released this year 2010 of February.


Submitted: February 07, 2010

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Submitted: February 07, 2010




Horror-A: Reality with Black Cat by werewulf14 (August 02, 2008)
SUMMARY: What happens when reality shows becomes reality…
Total no. of Chapters: 21 *featured*
Total no. of reads: 2,200
Total no. of comments: 107
Mean of reads: 110
Mean of comments: 5.35
Date posted: August 02, 2008
Horror-B: The Curious Boy, and what Became of him by Ren Pearson (August 23, 209)
SUMMARY: A frightening and gruesome fable on the consequences of a young boy's curiosity, and the old castle deep in the woods. (Submitted for MasterMosher's Insane Horror Challenge)
Total no. of Chapters: short story
Total no. of reads: 77
Total no. of comments: 5
Mean of reads: same
Mean of comments: same
Date posted: August 23, 2009
Horror-C: Shadow Grove by Night Write (August 03, 2009)
SUMMARY: Zombies Goddess's Zombie challenge. After Lisa murders her father he comes back to pay her a little visit.
Total no. of Chapters: short story
Total no. of reads: 51
Total no. of comments: 13
Mean of reads: same
Mean of comments: same
Date posted: August 03, 2009
Horror-D: Fervent Ice in the Beauty by Yuu Shindemura (July 22, 2009)
SUMMARY: a horror tale of betrayal and revenge on all sides of love and trust.
Total no. of Chapters: short story
Total no. of reads: 85
Total no. of comments: 21
Mean of reads: same
Mean of comments: same
Date posted: July 22, 2009
Joseffthered’s tales
Joseffthered has quit booksie
Horror-E: The Doll Portrait by Opalcitrine (August 14, 2009)
SUMMARY: 6 teens are trapped in an old doll maker’s house after running in from a storm. One by one they start to vanish. But who could be the killer? How many of them can make it out alive?
Total no. of Chapters: 10
Total no. of reads: 142
Total no. of comments: 12
Mean of reads: 15.78
Mean of comments: 1.33
Date posted: August 14, 2009
Horror-F: Yours Truly by Anson Brehmer (September 21, 2009)
SUMMARY: A tale of birds and myth written in classic.
Total no. of Chapters: short story
Total no. of reads: 39
Total no. of comments: 1
Mean of reads: same
Mean of comments: same
Date posted: September 21, 2009
Though there were lots of horror writers in the past especially the year of 2007 and early 2008, most have seem to fled; among them are Night Write and Pail, Mssjenn may still be in booksie but she deleted her “Lady Necromancy” story; while I was able to tally Night Write’s story Shadow Grove, however I believe this story doesn’t compare to his other beyond impressive horror stories.
Another great horror author is Josseffthered, unfortunately, she left and deleted her fine works. With the downfall of most horror writers reducing to a slim number, I was only able to take short stories instead. These short stories don’t have any chapters, thus no mean of reads and comments will be placed. Despite the result, it will still not be able to par up with the range of ratings corresponding in the romance, fantasy, young adult, and fanfiction’s ratings.
Werewulf14 doesn’t just type in the keyboard and write; she thinks and plots her stories well. The proof that she was featured twice in the home page says all, but by looking at the ratings of the reads and comments in which its significance is inversely proportional by the date when it was posted, it means that she was only been able to attain as many reads as the tally has recorded due to the elapsed time, she posted her stories back in August 02, 2008, been featured in the home page twice, but only acquired as much rating as indicated..
Ren Pearson marks the impression of the horror genre, his horror story “The Curious Boy, and what Became of him” made to win in first place in Mastermosher’s insane horror challenge; to which his only rival to have made a draw-decision with him on the same no.1 spot is Yuu Shindemura (as cited). A total gore and violence within his story, Ren Pearson really knows what horror is.
Night Write is unquestionably the king of horror writings in booksie, yet he deleted most of his works, however his short story entitled “Shadow Grove” he made still has left traces of his undisputed throne as the king of the booksie horror genre.
Yuu Shindemura may not be appealing (most booksie members often don’t mind the anime-ish profile members) due to her anime picture profile right down to the profile and even her name which is placed in all-anime feature, but once you peek inside, even Night Write acknowledges her writings very well (as quoted by Night Write himself). Mssjenn, Angellynn, Snobol4, as well as many other writers who can prove that they can write know and acknowledged her not as an anime character, but as a writer.
Opalcitrine is only a few months old in booksie; her lack of spamming and interaction with booksie members may led to the biased ratings, but once her writing talent can solidify her reputation, she will be one of the essential writers in the horror genre.
Anson Brehmer is also a new member in booksie, but his writings can prove as much as the old members. He knows very much of classic writings, and as well as the modern writing formats.
In most field of literature, horror can be the easiest if the author’s goal is only to scare people/readers; however, a constructive and graphic scene turning into a real horror novel is mostly grueling and exhausting to think out since it will set the author’s goal to focus on how to deliver the storyline while maintaining the fright of the spellbound readers. Also, the essence of horror must not be exaggerated; a clear exaggeration or embellishment will otherwise compromise the entire novel.
Exclusively in, this genre failed to get as much readers as it should be due to again, the preferred human-factor basis of most booksie members in preference to the mainstreams of young adult, fanfiction, fantasy (vampires) and romance.
“Highlighted a key issue about how difficult it is to write horror in manner such that it causes the reader to experience fears which reside in the darkest corners of their mind. Scaring the reader with a single scene is only a part of the whole picture. It's about making the reader feel a long drawn out dread of knowing something is about to happen. An author must build the anticipation from the start until the climax of the story.It's a grueling job to bring out that anticipation because it must last for more than just one scene and one wrong word can drop the reader back into reality, killing the story dead in its tracks.”
~~Snobol4, the 15,848th member of booksie on confidential email exchanges


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