The Friends We Choose

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In this story we meet Stacey Carson and her best friend Alex Peterson. Throughout this story we will see their friendship strength be pushed and tested when certain obstacles get in the way such as old friends, drug addiction, and murder. Will Stacey and Alex's friendship prevail or will it crumble and fall under all the pressure?

Submitted: November 28, 2015

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Submitted: November 28, 2015




Stacey Carson. There’s no-relation. I am just a regular 17 year old and I am just about done with high school, I am in the middle of my senior year. People say that my name is very pretty, but it doesn’t fit my description. I didn’t get what they meant by it at first, but when I found out I couldn’t say that I was surprised. What they meant was…  I am the kind of girl who should wear very tight clothing to show off the curves that she has in “all the right places,” but instead decides to wear sweat pants and oversized T-shirts whenever I get the chance. The girl who has the beautiful caramel colored hair but instead of “dressing” it up, she sticks to her usual sloppy ponytail with a clip. I wear your usual bookworm black glasses, mostly because I am your occasional bookworm type of girl. Whenever I have a book in my hand you might as well just walk away and come find me tomorrow. I’m not that popular, even though people say I should be all about the “IN- crowd,” I have managed to make a friend though…She’s a tomboy, and when I say tomboy I mean it. She wears almost anything and everything that was designed for boys, even the boxers—no matter how many times I try to tell her that  they make boxers for girls too, she just shrugs it off and keeps on pushing—but she “adjusts” it to fit her needs. Her name is Alexis Peterson, but she cuts it short to just plain old Alex, she says it’s because she thinks her name is way too feminine. One day she even asked her mom if she could legally change it to Alex…but of course her Mom said “Not until after I die.” She claims it was because Alexis is their family name, but I just think it’s because when Alex gets in trouble her mom has an excuse to actually use it. All I know is that no matter what kind of underwear she wears, or what her name is, versus what she wants it to be, she is my best friend. I live with my dad; my mom died 4 years ago due to lung cancer. People claim this is why I am the way I am, because I don’t have a feminine touch around the house anymore. I let them say what they want, it doesn’t bother me much, besides I happen to like the way I spend my Saturday nights with my dad, watching football games on the couch, with an all-out snack food buffet on the coffee table. But even though people don’t hate, but don’t like the look either, Alex digs the whole sweats, being obsessed with football, and the baggy Tee look, but then again…It’s Alex. What else would you expect?



Chapter One: Where we stand as Friends, Lovers, and Acquaintances

The mid-day bell rings, signaling that it’s time for lunch. Everyone as always rushes out into the hallway from their classes as if they were being burned alive… but me, I take my time. Why rush out to be bombarded by hormonal teens that are either making out half the time or smoking in the bathroom? That I will never understand. As I hear the loud chatter in the hallway quiet down, I grab my bag from the floor and walk out. To my surprise Alex is still upstairs she’s in her regular pose, left foot on the wall and hands in her front pockets, head tilted down, I notice her but she doesn’t see me. I back up around the corner into the doorway of my class, almost as if I was told to, before I am spotted.

“What was she doing still up here?” I ask myself quietly.

She was alone, looks as if she waiting for someone. A girl then walks by and stops in front of Alex.

“What’s going on?” I think to myself.

 Just then the girl moves closer and pauses, Alex picks her head up and says something but I was too far to hear what she said. The mysterious girl then moves in and Alex gives her a hug…or so I thought. They were making out! I couldn’t believe my eyes…Alex making out…with a girl at that. At first I was very elated for my dear friend, but became very confused, very fast.  I couldn’t tell who the girl was but I sure wanted to find out. I looked back around the corner to see if they were still making out, and they were! Just then, they walked up the hallway into the bathroom. I then slowly and quietly walked out further into the hallway. I wanted to go up the hall to see what they were doing but I didn’t want to upset Alex…But my curiosity got the best of me. I crept up the hall as if I was a spy on a top secret mission. I looked up and down the halls for teachers and any sign of student life. Nothing, I was in the clear. I automatically knew I couldn’t just barge in there (even though it was the bathroom) I had to play it off somehow. So I walked back down the hall a little bit like a complete nerd and then walked into the bathroom…I couldn’t believe what I saw. Alex had the mystery girl who was now identified as the most popular girl in the school: Raven Hawkins propped up on the sink counter with her hands on her waist and kissing…AGAIN!

 “Stacey…Why aren’t you downstairs yet??!” asked Alex quickly backing away from Raven furious.

“I-I- had to stop by the –” I stop talking due to the all the excitement I’ve just witnessed. “Wow…Um Alex…This never happened before,” Raven says still sitting on the counter crossing her legs.

 “Wait…This has happened before??” I ask surprised.

“We’ll be right back Rave, Just take a sec,” Alex says, pushing me out of the bathroom.

“Okay. First, if there was an award for ‘worst timing ever’ you would win it, hands down, no competition. Second, would you like an explanation of what you’ve just seen and how “that” came to be???” Alex asks quickly. I shake my head yes.

“Okay, well there isn’t really much to tell…One day Raven was sitting at the park by my house and I was coming home from the store…I saw her and she was crying. I walked over, sat with her, we talked, we laughed and one thing led to another.” Alex explains.

 “Wow….” The funny thing was that, that was all I could manage to say.

“We’ll talk about it later?” she asks heading back into the bathroom.

“Sure…” I say walking away.

 I can’t believe what I just saw and what I just was told by my very best friend. She was supposed to tell me everything. How could she keep something like this away from me, something as big as her hooking up with the most popular girl in school?!,” I ask myself as I began walking downstairs to the café, finally making it to lunch. I slowly walk over to my little table which was located in the corner of the café that was right by the window and away from everyone else. It was like my own little island away from all the creatures and beasts formally known as High school students. I walk over and sit down and reach in my bag to grab my favorite book The Way Life Makes Us, by my favorite author S.G Winthrop.  As I start to pick up where I left off, I am quickly interrupted by a strange voice which, clearly belonged to a boy.

“Stacey? Is that you?” he asks. I lower my book to eye level, so he could barely see my face.

 “Who wants to know?” I ask suspiciously.

“Jasper Stone, If you don’t mind putting the book down,” he replies. I then fully retract the book.

 “It can’t be…J-Jasper?” I ask.

“You bet. I'm back and better than ever!” he replies.

“What are you doing here?”

“My mom just transferred me over here from my old school,” he says pulling a chair from a nearby table and sitting down.

 “Really, that’s great... So, you’ve been here all morning?” I close my book realizing I won’t be able to get back to that anytime soon.

“Yeah, I was looking all over for you,” he says looking around the room like a hawk.

 “Why?” I ask confused but suddenly gaining interest in the conversation.

 “Well…You’re the only person who I know here, I’m a new student and I was also hoping we could catch up a bit. It’s been 11 years since we last saw each other…” he says sounding like a human to-do list.

 “Okay, I get it. You were hoping we could catch up. Well, we can’t…I’m sorry to burst your egotistic bubble,” I say standing and walking away.

“Stacey? Stacey!” he calls.

 I don’t give him the time of day. Jasper Stone…The boy with the golden bronze hair, who lived 2 houses down from me. The boy who was basically my playmate from when we were born until we were 6 years old…was back….He came back without a warning not even a note. It was like he just magically appeared out of thin air and had plans of catching up…even though I didn’t.


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