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This is the 2nd of a collection of 6 humorous travel short stories. It relates an embaressing travel moment on foot in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Submitted: February 11, 2015

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Submitted: February 11, 2015



ON FOOT by Elizabeth Chiassaro

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

We were about halfway through our 24-day journey, on the same, fateful ship when we reached the beautiful Canary Islands.  By now Olive and I were constant travel companions, together with an amazing elderly Danish woman who was disembarking at Santa Cruz.  Brigit was a Biologist and Astrologer whose favourite clothes made her appear like a two-legged zebra.  She was at once fun and fascinating.  Olive and I accompanied her to a little village called Garachico on the opposite side of the island where she was to remain for a month before returning to Denmark.


To get to Garachico it was necessary to take a bus trip.  Picture this, a bus which, I am certain, should have been part of an antique collection, driven by a bus driver whose nickname, I am certain, was Speedy Gonzales, and Spanish music blaring through the small sound system which, amazingly, was crystal clear.  The passengers were a mish -mash of characters right out of a comic strip. The road over the hills of the small island was scary to say the least.  I thought that treacherous scenes like this only took place in the movies - the scene where the dirt road is so narrow that the tyres on the one side hang over the cliff and looking out the window brings severe attacks of vertigo, where the bus driver spends most of the journey with his eyes off the road and his head turned speaking to a friend behind him.


Garachico is a little volcanic village built on lava, which also makes up the beach surrounding it.  It was strange to see smooth black 'stone' where once there used to be soft, white sand as small patches between the old lava revealed and where the main industry is .......bananas.The people were obviously not used to strangers and, as we walked through the narrow streets, doors and windows opened out and people openly stared at us in, what appeared to be, awe.  We spent the day with Brigit in this place of extreme beauty.  We ate tortilla and drank lots of delicious Sangria.  We befriended the locals and had one of the most enjoyable days I can recall.  When it was time to leave, Olive and I hugged many strangers and Brigit and left with a heavy heart and a light head, back to Santa Cruz.  The return trip was relaxing and, for the life of us, we couldn't understand our sober nervousness of the trip there!


When we reached the main town we were slightly disoriented - perhaps lost would be a better word.  For comfort, I had just opened a large box of Smarties, for the uninitiated these are little multi-coloured chocolate buttons and, whilst munching them suggested to Olive that we find the best looking guy on the island and she should ask him for directions. 


And so we found the man who had to have been put on earth as an angel - he was perfect in every sense - I am convinced he even had perfect handwriting!!  I was too dumbstruck to do anything but stare and munch on Smarties while Olive asked directions.  I was mesmerised and as we walked away from him after receiving directions I carried on following him with my eyes,  turning my head as I walked watching the man of my dreams going further and further away from me and then.......it happened .......I tripped!!!!!Sprawled on the floor, Smarties scattered all around me, the only sight that registered was the strange look on the angel's face - the look of .........weird foreigners!!!


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